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Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

I am breaking my own rules and blogging at work (sshhh, don't tell!) is goody day at work - we love any excuse to bring food around here! - and so I am not feeling very motivated as I am currently coming down from a sugar high and already ready for a nap and it isn't even noon yet! Plus, the vents around here are all messed up, and we are all burning up. We freeze in the summer and burn up in the winter - makes no sense! Don't think I will be able to wear any sweaters to work this winter - just t-shirts with heavy coats :(

Brandon and I are heading to VA tonight. I hope to get on the road by 6pm, because with Halloween falling on a Friday night, I don't want to be on the roads late as I am sure there will be drunk drivers. I know I am probably overreacting, because people who drink and drive don't need an excuse to party, but I am always extra cautious on nights such as this (especially New Year's Eve) and try to avoid the roads whenever possible. I mean, we can take all the precautions and make sure we are safe, but we can't control the other drivers. Just sad that this is a reality that we really have to think about these days.

Our destination is Charlottesville. Along with my parents we are going to an UVA football game tomorrow. The game is at noon and according to the weather forecast, it is supposed to be 70 degrees and sunny! So, now I have the dilemma of what to wear!?!? The bright orange sweater I bought two months ago just for this very weekend isn't going to do :( I could go neutral, but when 99% of the stadium wears orange, I don't want to be a part of the 1% that throws it off (even though I have a feeling my husband will be a part of that 1%). I have thrown a bunch of options in the suitcase, and even though I may break every fashion statement, I will be in the right colors! (hopefully....). Or this just gives me an excuse to buy something new too :)

While in the good ol' town of Charlottesville, we are going to meet up with my friend Allison who works with InterVarsity at UVA, and our ex-preacher (how else do you explain this - because this doesn't sound very nice), Gavin. Blog world may recall me saying a few months ago, that the irony is that my friend Allison is a member of the church in which Gavin is now the interim. Small World! They hadn't had a chance to formally meet yet, so Brandon and I will be the tie that brings them together. We are looking forward to catching up with both of them.

So, until next week, HAPPY HALLOWEEN, and be safe! And I leave you with a picture of my Halloween mascot - our black cat, Callie - Halloween is her holiday ;) And she is going to enjoy it even more this year because her crazy dog sister will be at Lucky's Pet Resort and she will have the house all to herself tonight.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Upcoming Election

So, I know some don't appreciate all the humor that has come up during this election, but the humor is what keeps me laughing, because if you just rely on all the commercials on TV, things you hear on the news, or mailings you get, you get fed up pretty quick. So, here is something to keep you laughing......

Next year on Dancing with the Stars.......

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Turn that frown upside down

Last night I was trying to remember that good ol' saying everyone used to tell us when we were young - "Turn that frown upside down". #3 Elon had a BIG game against #4 Wofford yesterday. It was our first televised game of the year, and two undefeated teams in the SOCON were playing one another. First of all, the day started out with lots of rain, but we had tents at our tailgate and were just glad to see the sun come out in time for the 3pm gametime. Well, our smiles quickly went away, as Wofford continued to beat up on Elon, and Elon fumbled and turned over the ball over and over again. It was embarrassing that this was the game that was being televised, and embarrassing after all of us had talked Elon up so much. They have had an amazing year, but I am afraid that last night ruined it all. The final score ended up being 20-55 Wofford. But, I can't be angry with the boys - they have done so well, and everyone has to have a bad day, just wish it wasn't this game! Makes me nervous about our trip to Boone on Nov. 15th when Elon takes on App State. Brandon and I still plan to go to the game, and just hope that even if we don't win, it isn't as embarrassing as this game. Brandon headed off with some of our friends after the game to see Elon take on UNCG in Greensboro in Soccer, and at least we came away with one win yesterday!

And the day wasn't a total loss for me either, I walked in the rain yesterday morning for a very worthy cause - Arthritis Research! A couple of other AOII alums and I joined in with a large group of girls from Elon, and many others from the community and walked at Bur-Mil park to help in the effort against Arthritis. It was fun, and always amazing to see people come out and support causes such as this! I told one of the girls from Elon that I was so happy that they were able to come even though it rained, and she said, "well it is required." Oh yeah, I forgot about those required events! That does make a difference, but at any rate, they all had fun, and I was so glad they were there! But it did remind me that I don't miss that part of the collegiate sorority days - being told where and when you had to do things! I swear, there were days I felt like I was back in kinder garden!! But, I wouldn't trade it for the world - I love my AOII sisters!

Friday, October 24, 2008

New Look ;)

I picked up my new glasses today, and so of course I had to have Brandon take a pic of me tonight with them on :) Something about looking at a picture of yourself to decide if you like something or not - like an outfit, new hairdo, etc. Why is that? Everything looks different in pictures. Anyway, see what you think of my newest purchase and look....

Rachel=Palin update

Well, she didn't win :( but she sure made me laugh as I listened to her on the radio this morning! And I am proud of her for trying. There were about 10 women that entered the contest, and the one that ended up winning played the flute like Rachel, but in my opinion didn't look as much like Palin as some of the others. At any rate, Rachel said she had a lot of fun doing it, so that is all that is important. Here are a couple of pics I snagged from "Murphy in the Morning". The winner is the one dressed in all red.

Monday, October 20, 2008


My friend, Rachel is entering herself in the Sarah Palin look-alike contest this Friday at A Cleaner World on Battleground. Murphy in the Morning from 107.5 is hosting the contest, in which the winner gets $1,000 towards to school of their choice. Rachel is a music teacher and so she wanted to help out her school, and her principal is all for her taking the morning off for the good cause. Rach and I are supposed to have dinner Friday night, so I will update with the results after that :)

Well, with the right outfit and hairdo - I think she could pull it off - GO RACH!

Back in College?

Ok, first of all, before I start this post, I need to reassure everyone that I really don't' drink that much, but I know a lot of my posts seem to revolve around that (at least lately). Just a social thing I guess. Anyway, on Sat night, Brandon and I headed out for a couples outing to celebrate my friend Michele's birthday. We started the night at a restaurant/bar in Mebane where we took some much needed updated photos of all of us while we waited for our table.

The girls :) AOII sisters and coworkers

The birthday girl, Michele and her hubby, Tony

Awww....cute picture, don't you think?

Jess & Richard - newly engaged!
Then, at dinner we tried out something that this bar is known for - beer served in a cylinder. It was pretty cool. Here is a shot of Brandon getting a refill.

After dinner and some beers, the boys dropped the girls off at a martini bar in downtown Mebane. Really cute place where they let you draw on the table with crayons. We were loving it! So, anyway, after coloring some cute pictures and drawing all over our table, cell phone rang, and turns out the boys got pulled over for running a red light only a block from the martini bar! So, we had to leave before we even had a chance to order :( All was fine, and we ended up back there where Michele and I downed a martini real quick (I had The Cake, which was delicious!) while we waited on our ride. The local cop was being a real jerk and wouldn't let any of us drive the car off the premises, even though one of us had only had a few sips of beer - literally! So, "Mother Teresa" and her hubby came to our rescue and drove us back to Michele and Tony's house. It was a fun night overall, and even though the cop cramped our style a little bit, we definitely have a memorable night to talk about! It is just that I was used to dealing with situations like this in college.....not now :)

Friday, October 17, 2008

A Nice Surprise!

On Thursday I was late getting to work because I had a eye doctor appt (at which I ordered some new glasses!), but when I arrived, I had this nice surprise waiting on my desk...

....and no, it's not my birthday or was for Boss's Day! I didn't even realize it was this week, and I was very touched by the girls giving me these flowers and really sweet cards :) It made my day! So, I bought them home with me today to enjoy throughout the weekend.

Now, I am off to relax and hang out with the hubby. Gotta get caught up on TV shows (from when we were on vacation). I love nights indoors listening to the rain ;)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Tonight marks the end of my vacation......I head back to work tomorrow after 10 days of stress-free living. I like myself so much better when I am stress free. I laugh more, sleep better and don't worry. But with the economy in its current state, I feel lucky to still have a job to help make ends meet. I checked my work email to try and get a head-start on tomorrow, and I had a "friendly suggestion" to change a process I oversee from another supervisor. While I usually welcome feedback, this one made me cringe. I know changes need to be made, but I need to find a tactful way to respond to this particular one as to say "not going to happen!".......anywho......not going to worry about it tonight.

We are meeting my parents and brother in a little while for dinner at Village Tavern....yummy! Since Brandon didn't get to visit with my brother on Friday as I did, they decided to head towards Greensboro to hang out with us tonight.

I just got back from the grocery store - after vacation - nothing in the house to eat trip - but I am proud that I got out of there right at $100. However, I am sure I forgot a lot of stuff and will have to make another trip later in the week - even when I make lists, I always forget something.

Was just online trying to design this years Christmas card. I love doing the photo cards, but don't seem to have a picture I love this year to use. Oh well, I have a few that will make do. Just crazy that it is that time of year already to be thinking about this!

This morning we finally made it back to church. We hadn't been in three weeks (two due to vacation and one due to laziness), so it was nice to get back into the routine. I am anxious to meet our new pastor, but in the meantime, enjoying the sermons of our associate pastor. I always enjoy hers. Today she talked about re-gifting, and I found it really interesting. I made me think back to times that I either gave or received a re-gift. I remember my freshman year of highschool there was this girl who ate lunch with my group of friends, and her family didn't have much money, and when my birthday rolled around, she still managed to bring me a gift. I know it is the thought that counts and that is what I tried to remember, as she gave me a used pair of earrings and a teddy bear that had obviously been sitting in her smoker parents' house for a while. Of course, once I got home they went straight into the trash (which I felt a little guilty about) but to her face I gave her the biggest thank you I could summon. I thought it was really sweet of her to do that even though we weren't that good of friends. So, as Margie talked about finding your gifts from God and re-gifting them to others, I tried to think of my strengths and how I could better use them. She made a really good point in saying don't think about what the world needs or what people want you to do, just think of the things the build a fire inside of you. Do unto others what you want done unto you.

My first day back at work tomorrow is going to be a short one, as I am heading out around lunchtime for a funeral in W-S. A neighbor that lives across the street from my parents, and whose grandsons I grew up playing with passed away on Thursday. He was a great man, and even though I know it will be hard for his family to see him go, I know he is in a better place. I just really worry about his wife whom he left behind with Alzheimer's. The family has some difficult decisions ahead as they decide what to do next, and I don't envy them at all. I am just glad I will be able to attend the service and pay my respects and be there to support them in this difficult time.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Cloe is 1!

I am heading to "The Party of the Year" as my friend Michele called it, this afternoon. Michele and Tony's daughter, Cloe turned one years old on Monday and since they were at the beach the weekend before, they are having her birthday party today. I love this picture that Michele sent me of Cloe's first trip to the beach......only one word.....PRECIOUS!

It is hard to believe that a year has already gone by.......and as this one celebrates her 1st birthday, I am also excited to report that Baby Beale has arrived! Owen James Beale made his appearance into the world yesterday morning. I haven't had the pleasure of meeting him yet, but snagged an adorable photo of him from his uncle's photo site. Welcome to the world, Owen! And congrats to your proud parents, Jenny and Jason!

The Good Ol' Days

Do you ever notice that when you get together with a group of people that you have known for a long time, that you always end up talking about the past and the good ol' days? I guess it is because normally in cases as these, you aren't as involved in one another's everyday lives as you once were, so you naturally talk about the times you used to spend together. My family had one of those moments last night. My brother was in town from California (he spends more time on the east coast now that he is living on the west coast!) and so I headed to W-S yesterday evening to spend some quality family time. It was just the 4 of us, like it used to be, and so our conversation drifted during dinner and on the car ride home to days of the past. We laughed and laughed. But at the same time, it made me sad.....because it made me realize that we all have so many other things going on in our lives and don't spend as much time together as we once did, that we were migrating to the past for conversation. Even though I don't want to go back to highschool, and the awful days of middle school, I do miss the times we used to have together, sitting around the dinner table and playing games and spending time together. Before we all had all the stresses of our current lives. But, at the same time, I feel very lucky to have grown up in such a loving home. I can talk to my parents about anything, and my brother and I have always been close. I look forward to the days when Brandon and I can start a loving home and family of our own.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

October Vacation

Brandon's blog gives more details to the activities of our vacation, but I had to reiterate a few things:

1) I shot my first gun! A part of the weekend's wedding activities was a visit to the local skeet shooting place. I didn't think I could do it, but I did!! So, I am officially an Inscore now :) I was pretty nervous and as I prepared for my first go at it, I had butterflies in my stomach. After the first two shots, I wasn't sure I could continue as I had tears streaming down my face. Luckily I hid it well and prepared for the second round as Brandon reloaded my gun for me. And as we continued through the stations, I became more and more comfortable, and by the end, I was loading the gun all on my own. It wasn't as bad as I thought, and helped having Michelle there as well so I wasn't the only female. The boys were very patient and very encouraging, and I could tell Brandon was proud when he kept telling everyone I hit 4 skeet :) I even had a bruise as evidence of my adventure.

2) I joined the circle with the Wilkes boys as they passed around some Moonshine at the reception. We had to take the "ritual" to the woods as everyone wanted a taste, but I can now say I have officially tried it :) I only had a few sips, but that was enough as this was potent stuff!

We had a great time at the wedding! Brandon really has some great high school friends!! Of course the weekend was full of story telling of days of the past, but we came up with some new ones as well. And then we headed to the beach to celebrate our 4th anniversary and just enjoy some R&R together. It was wonderful!!