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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Updates, updates, updates

Well, since I am home on my couch recovering from a nasty viral infection that has kept me out of work for 3 days now, I figured I might as well update the blog, right?

It's not that I haven't had much going on, or that I haven't had things to share, but for some reason haven't had the motivation to update the blog. I once again blame it on all the TV I am hooked on and the fact that the "crack"berry keeps me from going to a real live computer when at home.

My first question is, what is with all the pomegranate stuff??? Every other commercial has been about some new product that has to do with pomegranate scent or taste. It is in new cereals, shampoos, soaps, dressings, drinks; you name it! Pomegranate is like the new strawberry!! I wouldn't be surprised if my old at home business didn't come out with a pomegranate product soon....LOL.

Anyway, now onto all things Inscores.....

Since I have not done a blog update since mid-June, I will just give the highlights.

At the end of June, we helped celebrate with my good friend, Rachel as she joined the "30 club"!! Her boyfriend, Ken and I planned a surprise birthday party for her at a nearby High Point park. Ken snagged a shelter by the lake, which was really nice. Of course a blog update wouldn't be interesting without pictures, so here are a few to share (of course those on Facebook, this will be a repeat).

July 4th - this year, I decided that I wanted to just have a quiet evening at home. We had been invited to do a couple of things with friends, but just didn't feel like going anywhere. So, I spent some time at the pool, and while there ran into some neighbors that said they had gotten some fireworks and that we should join them later when they set them off. I figured, ok, cool, a chance to hang out with some of the neighbors we have lost touch with and we don't have to drive anywhere, bonus! Well, the quiet evening plans, turned into a lot of fun and a late night ;) But, we had a blast hanging out with everyone and enjoying the sights of fireworks set off by boys who were like kids in a candy store playing with fire....the jello shots weren't so bad either...LOL!!

The next weekend, we headed to Topsail Island to hang out with friends, Chad & Anna. Anna's parents have an amazing beach house on the inter coastal waterway. Chad's brother, Justin and his girlfriend, Ashley were there as well. And everyone brought their dogs, which made it even more interesting!! Chad and Anna just got a new golden puppy named Jake. He is only 3 months old, and absolutely adorable!! Ashley had a little lap dog that was a cutie pie too; Bailey, who held up really well around the big dogs. And of course, we brought our precious Chelsi, who is not all the time precious, but overall did great! It was so nice to just relax and hang out without a care in the world.

Since we weren't sure how she would react, we decided not to take Chelsi out on the boat so that we could relax and enjoy it more. But, we made sure to take her to the beach on Saturday morning before heading out so she could experience the sand and ocean. She wasn't sure what to think?!?

Newlyweds - Anna & Chad - too cute!!

...and their cutie pie - Jake :)

New love...Justin and Ashley :)

and of course the awkward but always necessary, self portrait shot :)

Then came a harder trip. We headed to Connecticut the following weekend to see our good friend, Brian from college that has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and is currently undergoing chemo. Even though we are all devastated about the news and still trying to process it all, we were determined to have a good visit and to catch up with everyone. So, Joey drove up from Greenville, SC on Thursday night and crashed with us, and then Friday morning, the three of us started on the road north. We made a stop in Delaware to pick up Pat and Jennifer and continued north to Connecticut. Brian, Brandon, Pat and Joey were all fraternity brothers at Elon, and even though we don't see them as often as we like, we have all remained really close. Since I was already dating Brandon when he joined the fraternity, I feel like all of these boys are my brothers too. They are a really special and hilarious group!! Of course when others are added to the mix, it can get even crazier, but these 4 guys were just the laughter that we all needed. We got to meet Brian's girlfriend, Melissa, who is awesome!! It makes us all feel a lot better knowing he has such a great girl and support system right by his side 24 hours a day. And even though Brian was not his normal self, he still managed to smile and laugh, and I think the trip did us all a lot of good. I don't have any pictures from this trip, but I do have one of my favorites of these boys from a wedding a few years back in New Jersey.

Nick, Brian, Mark, Joey, Pat, Alan and Brandon

This past weekend was a much needed weekend at home on the ranch (Reedy Fork Ranch that is!). I was pretty lazy, enjoying a day by the pool on Saturday and movie outing on Sunday. Brandon on the other hand, was hard at work again on the Habitat House, but as usual, really enjoyed his time there. He even thinks he learned enough that he can install our wood flooring himself!! Yeah!!!

This next month we are looking forward to celebrating Brandon's birthday as he joins the "30 club", and then a week-long beach trip with my family. So, more updates and pictures to come soon.....