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Saturday, March 29, 2008

My Babies!

Here are some recent photos of our babies.

Callie is willing to approach when there is a gate separating them. Sisterly Love. Usually we see the last image in our household....Chelsi chasing Callie up the stairs!

Chelsi earned a new nickname this week....."Billy Goat!" Here she is on top of some pine needles BI got for the yard. Kind of ironic because there was a guy at my work that ate Goat for lunch on Thursday....Curry Goat from a Jamaican restaurant off E. Lee St......YUCK!


Ok, Sarah, you got me! I am always a sucker for things like this.....

Three Jobs I've Had:
1. Receptionist (one summer while in college)
2. Disney Store clerk (how crazy was I!?!) - (highschool)
3. Lowes Foods cashier (highschool)

Three Movies I've Seen More than Once
1. What Women Want (always makes me laugh)
2. Hope Floats (good tear-jerker)
3. Birdcage (Robin Williams is so funny!)

Three Places I've Lived:
1. Greensboro, NC (currently)
2. Elon, NC (college)
3. Winston-Salem, NC (born and raised)

Three TV Shows I watch:
1. Big Brother (addicted!!)
2. Samantha Who? (looking forward to it coming back on!)
3. Lost (is anyone else as lost as I am?!)

Three Places I've been:
1. London (would love to go back!)
2. Cancun (ahhh...the sunshine)
3. California (hopefully I can visit again soon if my bro ends up taking a job in San Diego!)

Three People I'd Like to Meet (Living or Not)
1. Jesus (for obvious reasons)
2. Brad Pitt (just to be able to stare at him in person)
3. My paternal grandfather (just because I never was able to)

Three Favorite Foods:
1. Chocolate (a girls best friend! - I actually just made BI get some from the store for me last night after a bad day)
2. Bread (I love Carbs too much!)
3. Strawberries (especially if covered in my #1 food - Chocolate!)

Three Places I'd Like to Visit:
1. Chicago (going in July!)
2. Seattle (will get there one day....)
3. French Rivera (just because BI talks about how pretty it is there)

Three Things I'm looking forward to in the coming year:
1. Buying a new car! (hopefully in the next few months)
2. My grandmother's 90th bday and time with family
3. A beach vacation with my hubby :)

Three People I'm Tagging:
1. You
2. You
3. You!

Strawberry Wine

I was going through all my old CDs today to start uploading them to my IPod and I came across one of my favorites that I hadn't listened to in years! - my Deanna Carter, "Did I Shave My Legs For This" CD. I forgot how much I liked the song "Strawberry Wine". Once it loaded onto my IPod, I listened to it and found myself singing away. I think I like the song so much because it is one of few songs that I actually know all the words to and think I sound pretty good singing it (at least to my own ears - never heard a tape record of myself). I played it again later on the CD player in our kitchen while heating up leftovers for dinner.

Me: "Hey honey, listen to this - this was one of my favorite songs in high school."
BI: "Oh yeah, Strawberry Wine......most guys hate that song."
Me: "Why!?!"
BI: "Because it reminds most girls of their high school boyfriend."
Me: "Oh........"

Sure enough, I had found myself earlier that day when I first listened to it, doing the same thing! But, mine was for a different reason than most. I remember going to a talent show with my high school sweetheart at his school where one of his "friends" was singing this song as her talent. Before she came on stage, I was excited to get to meet one of his friends and hear her sing. Well, then she came on, and the jealousy instantly hit! She was gorgeous! She was one of those girls that you couldn't help but be jealous of, and even though I knew her and my boyfriend were just friends (or at least he said), you couldn't help but wonder and realize that he probably had a major crush on her and she was your competition. Oh the joys of the teenage years!! I have to sit back and laugh now - at how jealous I could be, and the lack of self confidence I had back then. I mean, of course we all have our pains of jealousy still and we may still question ourselves at times, but nothing like when we were teenagers! And to be honest, I can't remember when I bought my CD - was it before or after that talent show? Hmmmm, oh well :)

Me: "......yeah, I can see that, but I still like it."
BI: "I know you do."
Me: continuing to sing...."Strawberry Wine, seventeen, the hot July moon, saw everything....."

Thursday, March 27, 2008


I love the warmer weather! This is one of my favorite times of year - it is getting warm and the change is welcome, but it isn't hot yet. By the end the summer, I am usually looking forward to cooler weather, but after some cold days this winter, I am looking forward to the sunshine! Of course we get a taste of it for a couple of days when we are stuck inside at work, just in time for it to get cool again this weekend - not fair!! We took full advantage and made dinner on the grill tonight - our first taste of hamburgers and hotdogs for the year :) Many more to come at various cookouts and dinners I am sure!! Of course, first Brandon had to clean out the birds nest that was in the grill. I don't know why, but for two years now, birds think the grill is the prime spot to keep their baby chicks safe. At least this year we were able to move the nest before the eggs hatched, because that tore at my heart last year!! I mean, it is still hard to disturb the nest of eggs that you know a mother is trying to look after, but it is even harder when the little beaks are looking for food :( We need a new grill cover, but the last one we had rotted away so quickly and then got torn up by a certain brown puppy.....hmmmm, I wonder who?!?

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Today isn't Monday?

Today felt like a Monday. So, I had two Monday's this week so far! The morning didn't start off too well - I was tired, didn't want to get out of bed, and when I finally started getting ready, my tummy acted up, so needless to say, I didn't stroll into work until 9:30. At least I had a break at lunch and got my hair trimmed and got to talk to Heather - my wonderful hair stylist! We love to talk!! Back at work, my tummy acted up again this afternoon, so just tried to muddle through the rest of the day. I have also been feel woozy some lately - not sure what is going on - I am starting to think this blood sugar thing is really a problem. The past few weeks, I keep getting lightheaded - before and after I eat - and no, I am not pregnant for those who are wondering (at least not yet). Still waiting for my appt with an Endocrinologist - whatever they are - the medical field is definitely not for me - too much to learn! Got home to hear the Brandon's tummy was upset too - maybe something we ate? So, I think we are going to eat some cereal for dinner and crash early tonight. Sometimes makes me wonder if we are ready to start planning for a family - we do well enough to take care of ourselves!! Oh, on a good note, I think I have finally decided what car I want - after tons of test driving and car shopping the past few weekends. GMC Acadia!! Dark Metallic Blue - so pretty!! Going to go and check it out again this weekend to make sure, and let Brandon take it for a test drive spin, and then probably start researching for the best deal. Brandon is teaching me patience - usually when I want something, I want it NOW, and just buy it regardless of price, but I understand for a big purchase like a car, you need to take your time. Just makes me nervous to make sure this is what I want - 5 years from now I may wish I had something else - but the Acadia gives us room to grow, but still small enough that I feel comfortable carting it around town - and it still has somewhat of a "cool" effect. But knowing me, I will change my mind 50 more times. Brandon was pretty entertained by me this past weekend - every 5 minutes I was changing me mind :) But, the Pathfinder, Highlander, Odyssey and Acadia are all really nice cars!! Those were my top choices anyway, and was just trying to narrow them down.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

All Rise for the Honorable....

My dad found this old newspaper clipping to give me from my grandmother's scrapbook. Here I am (age 18 months) with my dad at his swearing in ceremony as a District Court Judge. He stepped down from the bench a couple of years later and became a family law attorney. My mom said this was the front page of the local section of the paper. I look thrilled, don't I? While at my parents house today, we also looked at a bunch of old slides. My mom is preparing a slide show of pictures to load onto one of those new digital photo frames for my grandmother's 90 birthday present, and has had a lot of fun digging through old photos. It was so funny to see some of the things my parents wore in the 70's :) Once she gets those uploaded to the computer from the slides, I will have to share some of those. One of which included my dad in white bell-bottoms, and another of my mom in a fly-suit. Too funny!! Again, makes me wonder what kids will be saying about our generation in years to come. It is hard to say what is in my closet right now that my kids will find amusing 30 some years from now.

Seeing this old article of my dad as a judge, got us excited about the upcoming swearing in ceremony for my godfather. He has been appointed by President Bush to become a Federal Court Judge. This is a huge honor, and a lifetime position. We finally heard that the date for that is supposed to be May 16th!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

This is a picture of my parents from 1968 - the year they got engaged. I wonder which picture of Brandon and me will be the favorite of our children one day? I was scrap booking this weekend, and one of events I was capturing from this past year was our trip to Charlottesville with my parents in November. It was really fun to go to their old stomping ground and hear the story of how they met and "courted". I have heard the story several times before, but something about being a little older and married made me appreciate it more. It was also fun to see some of the locations they were talking about. It makes me want to get out the tape recorder and capture these memories, because once they are gone I know I will have so many questions to ask.

"One rainy night while attending Sweet Briar College, Carol waited for word that her date, Gary was there to pick her up. Her friend had convinced her to tag along on a double date with two boys from UVA. Carol's friend already knew her date, but it would be a blind date for Carol and Gary. Carol had been on several blind dates before and was just looking forward to a fun night out and meeting someone new. When she received the call that Gary had arrived, she hurried through the rain to sign him in and sign herself out. They had curfews at Sweet Briar in those days. They went to a bar a few exits away and spent the whole night talking. When they realized it was close to the girls' curfew, they hurried back to campus. Carol was a little tipsy from the drinks that night, and remembers crashing onto her trunk at the foot of her bed when she arrived back to her dorm room. Gary remembers finding a pay phone and calling his mother (even thought it was late) to tell her he had found the girl he was going to marry. Of course he did not share this with Carol right away, but after several more dates, they were an item. They married in the summer of 1969. The bar they spent hours talking at the night they met was at the corner of Elon Street and Amherst Hwy. You might say it is fate that their daughter, Ginny ended up attending Elon College and meeting her future spouse, Brandon."

Here are some pictures of my parents and us at that famous intersection in Virginia.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Shout out!

Just wanted to give a little shout out to my Circle 8 Girls!! I love you guys!! I look forward to the 2nd Tuesday of every month more than you know. It is so comforting to know you are all there to listen, pray, teach and advise in all aspects of life. And of course the laughs are always great too!!

Sunday, March 9, 2008


The Elon men’s basketball team just defeated the College of Charleston, and will play in its first ever Southern Conference Basketball Championship on Monday, March 10 at 9:00 p.m. against Davidson at the North Charleston Coliseum!!! My brother is probably going to go to the game and will cheer Elon on for us since he lives in Charleston and we can't abandon our work responsibilities here last minute......even though I am still debating......would be an awesome road trip!! GO ELON!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Vote for Alex!

Wow, wow, wow!! I thought the meeting at church tonight was never going to be over, because I was excited about the Big Brother 9 Eviction tonight. I know, sad - TV is becoming a priority over everything!! Oh well, fun to be this excited about something. A girl at work told me this is the first thing she has ever seen me so excited about. Anyway, so I have to start my campaigning. Vote for Alex to come back into the game!! I need another cutie to look at, and honestly feel like he got a bad deal when he was paired with Amanda. Plus, all of the others have annoyed me. I am so glad to see Allison gone, and don't want her to come back!! Brandon says he is going to vote for Allison just to spite me. I love you too honey!!! Splitting everyone to singles is exactly what this game needed - it was getting a little boring with the couples. It was fun at first, but was getting old. The clips online were starting to get boring. Well, I am off to change my shirt (the new one I have on is so itchy!!! which I don't understand because I already washed it. guess that is what I get for getting a cheap tshirt) and then try and sleep. But of course I will be back online tomorrow morning to see what went down in the Big Brother house overnight!! Sweet Dreams everyone!!