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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Visits with friends......

So sorry blog world for being away so long! Things have been kinda hectic for the Inscore's. Plus, I wanted to wait until I had all the pics from friends of recent activities, because who really wants to read a blog entry without pics, right?!?!
Last time I blogged it was about Elon Homecoming. That was a fun weekend. Even though Brandon and I didn't venture far from our own tailgate to visit with friends who had come back to Elon for the game, we had a great time with Joey & Jen and others who stopped by to see us.

Then came the Elon vs. App State game on Nov. 15th. Brandon and I headed West on Friday night and made a stop in Wilkesboro to stay with the in-laws. Then on Saturday, along with Derek (Brandon's brother) we headed the rest of the way to Boone for the game. We were so glad Derek joined us. It was his 43rd birthday, and what better way to celebrate than to FREEZE at a football game :) We had fun though! Too bad I got no pics (camera is officially broke!) because we were a sight to behold. We wore our Elon attire proud amongst all the App fans. And even though they couldn't pull off a win, they put up a better fight than most had against App this year. So, the snow, freezing rain and cold was worth the trip! We enjoyed another night at the in-laws, church on Sunday, lunch with the rest of the family (love our niece and nephew!) and then headed back to Greensboro to pick up Chelsi from Lucky's.

The next Thursday, we were thrilled to have Mikaela and Greg visit from Boston!! They had a wedding in Pittsboro on Saturday and decided to come a few days early so they could visit us. Mikaela was a really good friend of mine from Elon, and I miss her terribly (I realized this more after their visit). Here is pic of my gorgeous friend at a stop she and Greg made at Elon before arriving at our house.

We enjoyed dinner in on Thursday night and just talking and catching up. Chelsi and Greg became best buds!!

Then on Friday, Brandon gave them the 50 cent tour of Greensboro (I am always amazed at all of his knowledge - I call him "Random Fact Man!", but even though it is all in fun, I really am married to a smart man). We headed to Lexington for lunch because they requested some good barbecue while in NC. And then we headed onto Charlotte for the day. They had never been and we thought it was a growing city they should see. Our first stop was Lowe's Motor Speedway. And even though I grew up in NC, I had never even driven by and was amazed at how large of a place it was! We made a stop at Hendrick Motorsports to check out the museum and team shop. We took some funny pics of us in the cut-away they had displayed in the museum. It was a tight fit! Must have been Gordon's size because Brandon couldn't even fit and we almost had to leave Greg behind because he was stuck!

Then we headed to Uptown to walk around a little and grabbed a beer before heading out to dinner with friends, Joe & Kristi. Kristi, Mikaela and I all lived together one year at Elon, and Brandon and Joe were our 4th and 5th roommates :) Greg went to Cornell, so Mikaela missed him from afar. We had a great time visiting with them and getting to see their beautiful daughter Katherine again!

Saturday morning after a big breakfast at the local Country Kitchen (yummy!), we said goodbye to Mikaela and Greg as they headed towards Chapel Hill for the remainder of their stay ;( And Brandon and I met up with Brian & Brianne back at our house to head to Liberty for another Elon football game! Just call us the ultimate fans!!! I woke up with a cold that morning and so I made sure to bundle up extra good and have plenty of kleenex with me!! Brianne and I were a sight to behold :)

It was a disappointing loss for Elon. They didn't even show up to the game!! But all in all, a great season, and glad we were able to help cheer them on. I was attached to the couch pretty much the rest of the weekend - my cold had zapped me of energy and I was running like a faucet from my eyes and nose (gross!!!).

I rested up best I could the next few days after work so that I could enjoy Thanksgiving!!!

We picked my brother, Andrew up from the airport (in from San Diego) on Wed night on the way to Winston-Salem to be with my parents. Thursday morning we all bundled up (again me extra good due to my lingering cold - don't laugh at the picture!!!) and went to the Turkey Trot Fun Run/Walk. It was really fun to do something different and get out of the house before stuffing ourselves with turkey later in the day.

We ate around 3:30, and then Brandon's parents came to join us for dessert and visit for a little while around 6pm. Both sets of parents hadn't seen one another in a while, so it was nice for everyone to get caught up. Brandon headed back with his parents to Wilkesboro to enjoy some time with them, and Chelsi and I hunkered down in Winston with the Tash clang for another night. Chelsi loves visiting my parents and playing with Aunt Maggie (my parent's 8 year old chocolate lab).

On Friday, I headed to Wilkesboro to spend some more time with the in-laws and to pick up Brandon. We boycotted turkey and went out for barbecue :) And then after another quick stop in Winston to pick up "wild woman", we headed back to Greensboro that night. I was so glad to sleep in my own bed again!!!

Yesterday morning, Brandon headed out early to go to the NC State/Miami game with his friend, Lucas, while Chelsi and I slept in - it was so nice! I met my friend, Amanda (in town for Thanksgiving) for lunch and a movie that afternoon, and then Rachel and Ken stopped by for a visit last night. I fixed dinner and they brought dessert. We talked, laughed, played a game and had a lot of fun!

So, that has been our last couple of weeks in a nutshell. Lots of visits with friends - all of which we enjoyed! Now can't believe it is time to start thinking about Christmas - I have some shopping to do!!!!......including a new camera so we don't have to rely on friends to capture our memories ;)

Monday, November 10, 2008


Not much to write.....feeling kinda icky tonight.....just a cold coming on, but still stinks! But, I did want to post some pics that Jen took this weekend at Homecoming. My camera is just about broke - couldn't get anything out of it, so luckily Jen had hers with her so we could at least say we were there :) and have a pic of our house guests from the weekend - it was so good catching up with Joey & Jen!! (The same pics are on Jen's blog, but I wanted to post them too since they turned out so well!)

More later....I have off to veg in front of the TV - what I do best! (Oh yeah, and read for Circle tomorrow night!!).

Friday, November 7, 2008


Going to be a short post....I really need to start getting ready for work but once again I get sucked into the computer (maybe because the husband was hogging it all last night?!?!).

This weekend is Homecoming at Elon. I am feeling kinda bah-humbug about it. I am excited about the game, and spending time with Joey & Jen (who are staying with us), but just not into the whole typical weekend, I think we are skipping them this year. Just going to stick to our normal tailgate crew, and I don't think I am even going to do the whole dress up for a football game (like I do every homecoming and did in college - yeah that's right, went to a preppy school!) - just going in my normal tshirt and jeans probably. I don't know a lot of people coming back anyway.

So, in cleaning last night and getting the house presentable for Joey & Jen (not spotless - that is for sure!), I realize we seem to have a musky smell all over our house. I think it is time to wash (or maybe even replace) all the bathroom rugs and toilet bowl covers. But, not sure where it is all coming from......I admit, I am not the best cleaner in the world, and never lived anywhere this long - usually just in an apartment for a few years at a time, but now that we have been in our house for 5 years, I guess it is time to really clean in some of the nooks and crannies. For another weekend.....for now, Frebreze will have to do - LOVE that stuff!

Monday, November 3, 2008


We are setting the alarms for early tomorrow morning! We weren't one of the many who did early voting, so we want to try and make it to the polls when they open in the morning. I am excited about tomorrow. Even though I don't have a really strong pull one way or another on some of the races, it is still exciting to be a part of the whole experience, and especially with this election since it will be history in the making, no matter who wins the Presidential race! One for the history books - and one we can say we voted in!! I will be glued to the TV tomorrow night, as should every American. GO VOTE!!


We had a wonderful weekend in Charlottesville! Even though UVA couldn't pull off a win against Miami, it was a good game, and fun spending time with my parents and catching up with friends. Brandon and I arrived about 9pm on Friday night. My parents were at dinner with some friends, so he and I grabbed a couple of beers and appetizers at Mellow Mushroom next door to our hotel and watched App State beat up on Wofford. Not sure how I felt about that. Since Wofford beat up on Elon pretty bad, it was good to see them get from someone else, but doesn't make me feel very good about Elon's visit in a couple of weeks to Boone :( Then we went back to our hotel room where my parents joined us shortly thereafter. We had adjoining rooms, so that was fun - we kept the doors open and were able to just walk back and forth ;)

On Saturday morning, my dad had a meeting, so Mom, Brandon and I grabbed breakfast and walked to the game, and met up with Dad there. Here is a pic of the Wahoo fans ready for the game - we found some orange and navy to wear!

And I love this pic of my mom's socks. She bought those on Saturday morning to complete her outfit to cheer on the Wahoos!!

After the game, we went to the Sigma Pi house to meet up with some of my dad's pledge brothers and see some of the work that had been done on the house recently. Brandon and I left my parents there to visit a while longer and we headed back to our hotel to change and relax for a little bit. Then Saturday night, B and I headed towards to the Downtown Mall and met up with Allison and Gavin for dinner. We had a great time! Gavin went early and got a table for us outside at a place called Miller's. It was a great evening to be outdoors, even though it got a little chilly. And it was so good to catch up with Gavin and Allison, and also to give them an opportunity to meet. We chatted away for about 2 1/2 hours!! When we parted ways, Brandon and I ended up running into my parents who had come to the downtown mall as well with friends after leaving the frat house. Perfect timing!

Sunday morning we had breakfast with more friends. My dad's friend from law school's youngest daughter was in Charlottesville with her husband and his parents for a wedding (get all that?). So, the eight of us enjoyed a great breakfast buffet at the Omni hotel - yummy!! Here is a pic of us while we waited on the rest of our party to arrive.

Not crazy of this picture of family has a bad habit of taking "posed" pictures, instead of trying to get candid shots.

It was so good to get to see Jamie and meet Matt. Jamie and I hadn't seen one another since we were in highschool. After breakfast, Mom, Dad, Brandon and I headed over to First Presbyterian Church in Charlottesville to check out where Gavin is now. It was a beautiful church and everyone was very friendly. And it was so great to hear another of Gavin's sermons. Even though I am looking forward to meeting and getting to know our new pastor, there is something to be said about a familiar voice. Everyone at First Pres seems to be glad to have him there, and I know he will be able to do great things for them!

After church, it was time to hit the road, so we said goodbye to my parents and headed South on Hwy 29. The drive was so pretty!! Since we came up in the dark on Friday night after work, we didn't get to take in all the gorgeous views. I love the fall with the changing leaves, and there is something to be said about the peaceful feeling you get driving through the mountains. We got back in time to pick up our wild woman from Lucky's. She was one tired pooch ;) I am so glad she has so much fun there, because it makes it easier to leave her behind when we take trips.

And back into the groove of things today......