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Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I survived my first trip to Merlefest and had a great time! The weather was wonderful! It was hot, but not miserable, and at least it didn't rain (that would have been a mess). We took just enough stuff, for which I am proud of us. Usually I am bogged down with more than I need or forgot something I wish I hadn't. Brandon suggested bringing a sweatshirt and blanket, and I am glad I did, because I used both! We got a later start than we wanted (what else is new!), but still made it to the grounds of Merlefest by 1pm.

After getting our chairs situated on the grass near the main stage, we walked around a bit. The first band we checked out was on one of the small side stages - "The Belleville Outfit". They were a young group from Austin, TX. We really enjoyed them. Kind of a New Orleans style jazz with a Texan twist.

Then we stopped by the all important Food Tent to say hey to Brandon's brother, Derek and his wife, Jana. They were working at their church's food station. They do it every year, and put in some major hours over the whole weekend, but it is a great fundraiser for the church. I just wish others would step up to the plate so that Derek and Jana wouldn't have to work as many hours and could actually enjoy the festival some too. But as usual with any group, the same people volunteer each year. I am learning that more and more in our own church :).

Anyway, after seeing a few acts by the main stage and grabbing a "snack", we headed to see a band Brandon had heard on the radio and really wanted to see - "The Steeldrivers". They were really good too. And the bonus with them is that they were playing inside! So, we got to cool down for an hour, which was awesome! And by the time we got out of there, the sun was already starting to go down and it was really nice out.

We checked out some of the vendor tents on the way back to the main stage. I got a big floppy hat - perfect for the beach!, and Brandon got a Merlefest t-shirt. Then we grabbed some dinner, and pretty much camped out in our chairs the rest of the evening. Doc Watson was on the main stage doing a tribute to his son, Merle, the reason Merlefest exists. It was amazing to watch him play, since he is blind. Then Emmylou Harris came on. A lot of people loved her, but I wasn't that impressed. She was older, and I guess you could say I am more into the younger more upbeat artists. Sam Bush closed out the show, and that was awesome! Just watching his fingers go on that mandolin is amazing!!

We headed out a little after midnight - Derek and Jana were closing out at the food station as well. We got to the in-laws house, said goodnight, took showers and crashed for the night. I haven't slept that good in a long time! Brandon even let me slept until 9:45am. It meant I had to rush around and get ready for church, but it was worth it.

So, I think Merlefest will probably see me again :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Artist in the family

Need to brag on my Aunt Diane for a sec......she has created a website for her work, and I just had to pass along.....she really is talented and so glad she has been able to focus some time on her true passion more in the past few years. So, check it out!


So, I don't know why, but I don't really like concerts.....never really have. I LOVE music, and enjoy hanging out with friends, but just not a fan of concerts. I think it is the extremely LOUD music, crowds, and craziness that usually surrounds them. Plus, just can't usually justify spending the money on tickets - since usually pretty expensive for anyone worth seeing.

Brandon enjoys going to this has become something that I am perfectly fine having him go off with friends and do without me. We enjoy doing things together, but definitely have certain things that one of us enjoys and the other doesn't.

However, I am looking forward to this weekend. We are heading to Merlefest in Wilkesboro. This is an annual bluegrass music festival on Wilkes Community College's campus. Brandon grew up going, and it is something he really enjoys. It has never worked out for me to go before - either because I had something else going on, or just passed, again due to my distaste with concerts. But at any rate, I promised him we would go this year, and now I am looking forward to it. The weather looks like it is going to be nice, it will be a chance to slow down for a weekend and just enjoy the outdoors and time with my hubby, as well as a visit with some family (since we will be in town and all).

So, I will report upon on return, and hopefully have some pictures to share as well.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


For those on Facebook, this will be a repeat, but wanted to post some pics from the Easter weekend festivities - Durham Bulls game on Thursday night and then Easter Sunday.
Amanda and me after the game enjoying a brew :)
BI & Lucas - the Wilkes boys :)
Chelsi on Easter Sunday morning
Strike a pose :)
My Daddy - like father like daughter
Mom and me - looking more alike each day

Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter weekend

Not the traditional Easter weekend for us........but I am realizing more and more that Brandon and I need to start our own traditions and just do what makes us happy. While I would love to see the Inscore's and my niece and nephew for Easter, I am actually looking forward to staying in Greensboro and having fun with friends and doing stuff around the house. Plus, we will be up in Wilkesboro in a couple of weeks for Merlefest - can't believe I have been with Brandon for almost 10 years, and never been to Merlefest! Anyway, so we will get to see family then. We did tie down my VERY VERY busy parents and are having a relaxing afternoon with them in Winston on Sunday, so it will be good to see them, and at least we will have some connection to family during this holiday weekend. I am excited for my brother and all the awesome career opportunities he has, and it's not like we don't get to see him a couple of times a year, but I miss him more around holidays. My family was very close growing up. We always spent time together during holidays. I also miss my Nana at times like this. I would love to have her here and show her our house and have her get to know my wonderful husband more (since she only met him towards the end), and take her to church with us on Sunday so she could see the awesome church home we have found! Anyway, I am rambling.....hence the name of my blog! :)

Our Easter weekend started out with a trip to Durham last night to meet up with some friends for a Durham Bulls game. While we should probably have been in Greensboro for the Grasshoppers opening night, it was fun to see a different area of the triad and see friends. I will post some pics later. I took today off work so that Brandon and I could hang out and do some errands. We have started a wish list for things we want to do at the house, and are going to check out some paint samples and floorings today. Tonight is a dinner gathering with some people from church to welcome new members, so that will be fun! I always enjoy getting to know people from our church better. I tend to do what most do, and hover in the groups of people I do know, so this will force me to branch out and talk with more people, which is great! Tomorrow is NO PLANS day......I am determined to just play the day by ear (and not making plans....but we may actually check out a Greensboro Grasshoppers game on Saturday night if anyone is interested?!?). And then Sunday of course is celebrating the meaning of this holiday......I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL EASTER WEEKEND with those you love the most!