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Lilypie First Birthday tickers

Monday, September 29, 2008


The best word to describe my day yesterday. I finally showered about 6pm last night - just lounged around in the PJs all day and watched TV and other various things. I did manage to make a big breakfast and Brandon treated me by fixing dinner last night. This was a preview for our vacation coming up for which I can not wait! Finally booked a hotel - haven't heard of it before, so hopefully it isn't The Ghetto or anything :) I couldn't resist the name - thought if I stayed at a place like this, maybe there was a chance I would look like someone from the show - NOT! - but a girl can dream ;)

The rest of the weekend was fun as well - we finally made a decision on a couch and it is being delivered on Thursday which happens to be our 4th anniversary, so we said "Happy Anniversary" to one another at Rooms to Go :) It's a lighter color, and of course isn't the whole sectional, only the couch part, but here is a glimpse of our newest purchase.

Elon pulled out another win on Saturday and the rain held off for the game, so we had another fun day of tailgating and cheering on The Phoenix!

Thursday, September 25, 2008


I usually steer clear of this subject. For one, I don't have strong opinions on anything, so I don't usually have a stand on particular subjects. Plus, to be honest, politics make me feel stupid. I just don't get into that stuff. Brandon (if you haven't read his blog to see) likes politics, and so I rely on him to keep me informed and explain things to me. That is the nice part about being married to a ex-teacher. He is so patient and really good at explaining things. I guess I am more the social butterfly. I am a people person and just focus my energy and time on things like that. I am not saying I am not intellegent - just selective on what I use my brain waves for I guess :) At any rate, of course during this political season, I am very interested to hear what has to be said by each of the candidates, and really on the fence for whom I want to vote, but still feel it is important to be informed even if you do not have a strong opinion one way or another. I received a funny forward today that I just could not resist posting. I don't know why, but when I opened this email, I started laughing hysterically. I think it was just the humor of combining the candidates that seem to be getting most of the attention right now. See what you think.....

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Pinched Nerve

This was the diagnosis Brandon received today. Instead of being at church, like we are most Sunday mornings, we sat in the waiting room at the urgent care. And even though I shutter to think we may have back problems in our future, I am glad they hopefully determined his troubles. I guess the running around with the kids yesterday and feeling like teenagers again wasn't all that great, huh? Sometimes it is strange the symptoms your body can have - as he was complaining about abdominal pain just as much as aching in his back and leg. Turns out the nerve that is pinched affects several areas of your body. Not sure how it happened, but the doctor seemed to think it is pretty common after a week long business trip where you sit in conferences all day as he just did in Annapolis. Huh? It is just strange that it was bothering him off and on all week and then this morning he could barely walk and I just couldn't watch him endure the pain. He promised to go to the doctor on Monday (even though I had insisted he go on Friday), but we both thought it better to go ahead today. Guess that is the joys of urgent care - they are there for that very reason. And speaking of the waiting room - the nurses on duty thought this was a good time to get caught up on their exercises. So, I heard huffing and puffing from the reception desk area, as two of them took turns stair stepping on some make shift work out area (I think boxes or a chair was involved). I am all for getting in shape, but not sure it should be done on duty, or when you have to help patients who come to the window while you are sweaty and out of breath. And why is it that sometimes nurses seemed to be the most overweight people in there? I know obesity is a problem across America, but just find it ironic whenever someone in the health care system is a heavy smoker, obese, or some other health problem that is usually self inflicted. I am not one to talk, because I am so not in shape! Just my tid-bit for the day. Anyway, so my boy is sleeping soundly now, and I am getting ready to do some work (no fun - but will make tomorrow morning all the much easier). I was so frustrated on Friday, that I left early - so now have to play catch up!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Perfect day

Well, maybe not perfect, but I had a really good day. There are a lot of things that make me happy, and one of them is hanging out with my niece and nephew. Brandon and I headed out early this morning towards Wilkesboro, and after a breakfast stop at biscuitville (mandatory before morning roadtrip) we arrived at Derek & Jana's house. I felt like such a bad aunt since we hadn't seen the kids since May, and I always get a bit nervous on if they will still like to hang out with us, but my fears quickly diminished and a smile spread across my face when Ashlyn and Weston came running towards our car before we could even make it all the way up the driveway. I L.O.V.E. these kids!! We spent the morning outside throwing the baseball and playing basketball, and just laughing and having a good time. I felt like I was thirteen again. Days like today made me fall in love with Brandon all over again. I love this man so much, and just seeing how he interacts with his family makes me love him even more. He had just as much fun playing ball with the kids as they did. See, that is the joy of being an aunt and uncle - you don't have to be the ones to discipline or tell them to stop when they start to do something they shouldn't. You just get to play with them and be the one they fight over who gets to sit beside at a meal, or in the is great! Ashlyn and Weston remind me a lot of my brother and me - and hanging out with them always takes me back to the fun times my bro and I had. There is just about the same age difference between them as is with us. They love to play together, and at the same time, get on one another's nerves. One can't be doing something unless the other one can as well. My brother and I used to play all day - we would run around outside, ride our bikes, and best of all - we made killer pillow forts! We would play until one of us made the other cry. And such was the case with Ashlyn and Weston. But, at the same time, when one of them started to cry, they would comfort one another. It is amazing that even at age 7 and 5, you can already tell what amazing people they are going to be. They have grown up in a wonderful christian home, with lots of family that loves and spoils them, and they also have their own personalities - ones that I love to see grow. Weston is such a sweet little boy, and gets funnier and funnier every time I am around him. And Ashlyn is smart, athletic, adorable and going to drive the boys wild. Right now she loves being a "tom-boy". I couldn't believe how tall she had gotten since we last saw her. At age 7, she is already almost to my shoulders. But, that didn't stop her from running and jumping on me ;) Around lunchtime, we all hopped in the Acadia (I love having a car we can all fit in!) and went out for pizza. Jana and I crawled in the back and chatted away, the kids sat in the middle, and Brandon and Derek had some brotherly bonding and guy talk up front. It was just so nice being with family. Just hate we don't see them more often, and aren't a part of one another's lives more. Usually when we visit we just end up going out to eat, but today it was nice to hang out at their house, play with the kids, and ride around town together. Jana drove the car home (there may be another Acadia or comparable Chevy Traverse in the family soon!) and then after three more throws each of the baseball by Ashlyn and Weston, we said our goodbyes. That is always the hard part :( We stopped by the in-law's house for about an hour for a quick visit and then headed home. What made this day even more perfect, is that Brandon chauffeured me and I caught up on some Sex and the City episodes on the DVD player from the backseat :) Now, I am home in my PJs, stuffed after a greasy Wendy's dinner, and listening to the Elon football game on the radio, with my sweet hubby beside me and a puppy soundly sleeping on the other side. What a better way to end a perfect day :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I'm a 45er

Ok, I know I am an open person, but normally don't blog about things such as this. And you may say TMI, but I don't care, this is my blog! If you know what I have been going through recently, you will understand. I am RELIEVED this morning! Last night as I was getting ready for bed and taking my last potty break for the night, and I got a surprise. It has been so long that it took a minute for it to register, and then I yelled for Brandon with excitement :) I was really starting to get down and thinking I wasn't normal, but God gave me a glimpse of a little thing called HOPE. It may not happen next month, but at least I know it can - and without medication! Sure, I am still taking Metformin daily which is what the Endocrinologist prescribed, and to tell you the truth, I am confused on it's purpose. I am one of those trusting people that believes the doctor's know what they are doing, so I just follow instructions. I have no medical knowledge whatsoever (is that a word?) So, anyway, after over a year, I am a 45er - not a 28er or 35er as the doctor's think everyone should be. And the count begins again.......

Friday, September 12, 2008

Pajama Party!

Having a girls' night tonight! Sarah and I are heading over to Rachel's in our PJ's, and indulging in pizza, brownies, wine and girly movies!! Nothing could be better after a long week and stressful day. Then, I get to pick the hubby up from the airport in the morning!!! Yeah ;)

Thursday, September 11, 2008


If your stomach can take it, you should check out this link. It is not the same thing I caught on TV last night, but it gives you an idea. There was nothing on TV when I headed to bed last night but I wasn't quite tired enough to fall asleep. So, in the midst of flipping channels, I think I landed on some type of National Geographic channel of sorts, where they were doing a segment on eating penis......yes, that's right, I said penis. If you want to learn more, check the link. It was one of those things that grossed me out and made me want to change the channel, but just like the TV in the car on Tues night, I couldn't take my eyes away! I must say I am glad the guys on this video link stuck to their morals of our country and stayed clear of the dog penis.....that's just wrong! But, I guess in a way you can respect those cultures that don't waste any part of an animal, even if it involves the reproductive parts, but I am sticking to my basic chicken tenders for dinner tonight, thank you very much!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Boogie Man

So, being home solo this week while the hubby is away at a work conference, has made me remember how much of a "scardie cat" I am!! I know I have an alarm system, and a Boxer that loves to bark, but still - the boogie man is still out there! I am fine to be home alone when it is light outside, but as soon as it turns dark, the blinds are closed, the doors are locked, the alarm is on, and my ears are perked for any sound. As the nights go on, I am better, but I think it is funny how well my family knows me, as my first night alone my mother-n-law and mom both called me to see how I was doing! I have always been this way - I enjoy my alone time, but just not at night! At least I am over half-way there - tonight is the 4th night alone - only 2 more to go!

TV's in Cars

Ok, before I start, I realize that I am one of these people now, as we splurged for a DVD player in our new Acadia. However, I feel that there is a size that is appropriate, as well as vehicles in which having one makes sense. So, this leads me to the purpose of this blog entry....

.....on my way home from my Circle meeting last night, I merged onto Hwy 29 and started the final leg of my trip home. Much to the amazement of my eyes, I got behind an older model sedan (not sure of the model), but at any rate, it was a old beat up car, and inside was a HUGE screen in which music videos were being played for all of Hwy 29 to see. I couldn't believe the size of the screen compared to the size of the car. This screen would have even been too big for an Expedition, let alone a Sedan! There is no reason to have a screen that big inside a car. I don't even know how anyone riding in the backseat could even stand to watch something that big and that up close! Plus, it was dangerous to other motorists. I couldn't keep my eyes off of it, and had to keep reminding myself to watch the road. It was crazy! It made me second guess having one in my own car, as I don't want to contribute to reckless driving. However, I do have tinted rear windows, and my screen is appropriate size. Oh well, different strokes for different folks, but I was blown away!

(But, I think this blog entry that I found tops the charts of why if you choose to have a DVD/TV in your car, that you need to monitor what you play. Can you believe it!!??)

Greatest American Dog

So, I hope no one reads this who hasn't had a chance to watch the finale episode from tonight (um....Brandon, hope you aren't checking my blog!), but I was so excited when Presley and Travis won the Greatest American Dog competition!! Yeah for boxers!!!! I am sure there will be some skeptics that will think this young puppy shouldn't represent the Greatest American Dog, as there were some amazing dogs on the show. However, I guess it came down to the relationship of Presley and Travis - it was really hard in watching the show to determine what exactly the judges were looking for. And even though I was cheering on the boxer, I would get really angry at the judges at some of their comments towards the other owners (Brandon can attest to the fact that I do in fact yell at the TV :) I honestly didn't care for any of the three judges. It will be interesting to see if the show makes it for another season, or if this was a one time deal.

I really am addicted to reality TV. I can't wait for the final episodes of Big Brother 10. So far the two guys I have been rooting for since the beginning are in the final three - Dan and Memphis. You go boys!!!

Monday, September 8, 2008


Had a pretty busy weekend - but what else is new - as my friends say, I have trouble saying NO! Friday night was fun though, a night out with the girls to celebrate a friend's 50th birthday, and I must say she is 50 and FABULOUS! We pulled one of those stunts that waitstaff and people waiting for a table at a crowded restaurant can't stand - we camped out at our booth for like 3 hrs. But oh well, we had fun, and they can all get over it! We usually get together for lunch, but always hate that we have to keep checking our watch and never really get to catch up. And I am proud to say that we got Teresa to do her first Shot EVER for her birthday!! You go girl!!! Then I drove home in the downpour - but glad we didn't get anything worse than that. Always makes me feel so bad for those who have to deal with the after effects of natural disasters - and makes me feel even luckier when something doesn't happen to us.

I was tired at work today - and on top of that, it was a pretty stressful day. So, all I want to do is crash right now, but I have an AOII Conference Call - YEAH! (NOT!!!) I will be glad when I can pass over the alumnae presidency position once and for all! I haven't minded doing it really, but enough is enough (I think this is my 6th year!). Luckily I have already read my chapter for Circle tomorrow night - looking forward to getting into the swing of things with that and catching up with everyone!

Nothing much else exciting to blog about - it never fails - the things I really want to blog about or complain about - or vent about - I don't, because I am fearful that someone will read it that shouldn't - I guess that is why Diaries were originally intended to be private! I know I am probably being paranoid and now all of you are wondering if I want to complain about you! Doubtful, but you never know who really is reading these things......

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I just spent the last three hours working on a month-close report for work. I understand that month-close duties are important, but sometimes, especially when working on this report, I feel my job is so pointless. I mean, all I do on this report is take figures from a report printed from our system, and put them into an excel document that is saved and updated month to month. Sure, it gives my boss and the auditors a "pretty" picture of what our advances were for the month, but it is such a monotonous task. It is almost degrading. I guess I shouldn't complain, because nothing else about my job description is this easy, so I should take the monotonous task and be glad to not have to think so hard for a few hours. I mean, I did it while watching Big Brother 10 and other things on TV. There aren't many other duties I have in my job where I can have almost a lake of concentration. I am usually pretty good an multi-tasking, so it isn't that hard. And me not complaining about it may have been true before I had to bring the report home to do (which is what I have done the past two months) since there is no time during the work day to get it done (I guess because of all those non-monotonous tasks!). But, I have a sneaky feeling it has to do with my new role as supervisor - just not enough hours in the day! I know I know, I should delegate and pass it on, but this is the only real picture I get of what is going on with cash during the month, so it is good for me to do it, especially since it is my "butt" that gets quizzed on it on a weekly basis by my boss. For all those who have no idea what I am talking about, and really don't care, here is something random for you:

Sarah tagged me on her blog, so here it goes:

The Rules
1. Post the rules on your blog.
2. Write 6 random things about yourself.
3. Tag 6 people at the end of your post.
4. If you're tagged, DO IT and pass on the tag.

1)I like to drink soda from a can with a straw. Even though it has the small little hole from which you can drink, I just prefer to drink it with a straw. It is something about the smell of the metal can and not wanting that close to my lips or nose. Sure, I could poor it into a glass, but what is the fun in that. Which reminds me, I need to add straws to the grocery list!

2)I hate to clean, but I always straighten. If if I have a pile of stuff somewhere, it is usually a fairly neat pile. And believe me, I have a ton of JUNK in my house, especially paper - we have piles and piles of just paper - of what, I am not sure, but we just have trouble throwing it out. My straightening frenzy is usually outdone by all the stuff, but even so, I can't just have my stuff thrown anywhere - I always has a "place" even if it makes sense to no one but me.

3)I wash my hands a lot. No matter what I was doing - even if just getting the mail outside - I always wash my hands when I come in the house. I am not sure why, because I don't wash my hands a lot at work, or other places - not like I am a germ freak, I just like to have clean hands while in my house - I guess it makes me feel I am not bringing germs in - but if you saw how dirty my house can get, it wouldn't make sense to you, especially with a dog that loves to DIG outside and bring all the dirt in ;)

4)I don't like onions. I love the flavor they can give something, but just can't stand the texture of them. I guess that is why I resort to onion salt or powder in a lot of my own cooking. I just can't stand to crunch down on a raw onion or feel my tongue slide over a slimy cooked onion. I am not as bad as to not eat something if it has onions in it, but I just try to avoid them best I can.

5)I don't like secrets. This isn't a random fact to those who know me, but for those who don't, here is the rule - if you don't want to know something about me, don't ask, because I am an open book. You ask, and you can be assured I will tell (much to my husbands dismay at times). And if you tell me something that you do want kept secret, make sure you make that clear to me. I can keep a secret if someone asks, but the problem is since I don't have any secrets myself, it is hard for me to judge on my own what someone else would consider a secret.

6)I have a shower routine. I am sure most of us will admit the same, but I have to laugh at myself. I have a definite routine to how I "cleanse" myself in the shower. I have tried to change the order before, and it just messes with my head. But, since it is MY time, I figure, I can do as I wish, and I wish to stick to my routine ;) And since I know everyone is not as open a book as I am, I will spare you the details of that routine!

Ok, now onto the fun part - I get to TAG!! So, I tag:
1) Sarah Kate
2) Jessica
3) Mikaela
4) Jen
5) Jenny
6) Brandon (I know Emily has already tagged you, but you have ignored her request, and so I find it only fair to DOUBLE tag you, and plus, there aren't too many people that read my blog regularly that also have a blog and haven't already been tagged).