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Lilypie First Birthday tickers

Saturday, August 30, 2008


Even though I am not the type of person to seat in front of the TV all day and catch every game, I am excited to say that Football season is here. Everyone has a different sense of excitement and it is fun to talk about the games that were played with friends and family. My parents and brother especially get into college football. Every Saturday morning (started when he went to college) my brother and mom will call one another and yell into the phone: "IT'S GAME DAY!" It is a neat tradition they have. However, with my brother in California right now and on a 3 hr time difference, Mom will probably have to wait until closer to lunchtime for their routine this season. Chelsi and I went for a long walk this morning while Brandon slept in. It is already pretty steamy outside, so going to be a Hot Game Day!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Long weekend!!!

I am so excited for a long weekend!! Of course I didn't start it off too well......the office closed at 2pm today, but what time did I leave?, about 5:15pm, so basically around normal time. I was just trying to make my life less hectic on Tuesday morning, as well as finishing up some must-do duties before month-end.

Not too many plans this Labor Day weekend, but that is ok - I can't wait! We won't be bumps on a log - we do have a few fun things planned - I am just so glad not to be running all over the place.

Tomorrow is the start of FOOTBALL!! Elon's opener is at 7pm against Richmond, but of course our gang has to take advantage of a pretty summer day and start tailgating at 2pm. We tailgate with a bunch of my co-workers, and have a great time. I didn't realize how many people were coming out for the opening game, but it sounds like it is going to be "Willis" day at Elon ;) It will be fun! Brandon and I better start early tomorrow trying to get all our stuff together (it always takes us forever to get out the door to go somewhere!). Gotta take the tent, chairs, cooler, beer, snacky foods (hmm....have to think of what still) and all our Elon Pride gear! We basically camp out :) I know Elon is not on the top of everyone's list for THE GAME to watch, but Brandon and I really enjoy heading back to our Alma Mater and hanging out with friends. He has really really been looking forward to this football season (I think because I am all over the place all the time, something to do isn't new for me, but he hasn't had much to look forward to except for all the stuff he does around the house). And come on - he is a boy and this is sports!

Speaking of my boy - I am so excited to announce that he finally caught onto the addiction and CRAZE of blogging and started his own! So, check it out!!

If Sat. night doesn't go too late, and we don't have too many of Dave's tailgate special shots (this year we have a new one I hear - no more 'Surfers on Acid' - but can't remember the name of the new one), we will head to church on Sunday morning (shots and church don't really go together in the same sentence too well, do they??? OH WELL). And then Sunday night we are heading out for a couples dinner (YEAH!) to celebrate several things (Michele's employment at Willis - a little overdue, but still warranted - and Jess & Richard's engagement and new found home ownership!). We have called this outing "Dinner on Willis" since Jess, Michele and I all work together and Jess is picking up the tab with the bonus funds she got for Michele starting work there (having friends work with you has many perks!). I got the bonus when Jess started, so she got it for Michele. So, if anymore of our friends decide to join the Willis train - Michele is next!

Monday, we both have off - but no real plans. I am sure we will find things to do around the house, and I may even try and get in some pool time (I can't believe it is the last weekend already!) especially since I have only been to our pool TWICE this year! At least is doesn't cost us any extra - another perk of a new neighborhood where your $50 home owner's fees go real far!

Now, I am off to check out the movie listings to see if there is anything that catches my interest for a possible date night tonight......otherwise, I am sure we will get caught up in all the political stuff on TV. Oh yeah, Brandon picked up a DVR box for us today from Time Warner!! So, not only did we finally upgrade to Digital Cable last month, we now can record all our shows!! We tried hooking TIVO up again last night, but no luck - I think it is just too outdated.

Have a safe and happy Labor Day!!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Hired Help

So, later this morning, after the first set of ransom emails arrived, my husband sent me a picture email from home......

Subject: Hired Help

He was off today, thanks to his 4 10hr shifts he has been working this summer. He was working on his "honey-do" list, and Chelsi decided she needed to help. He said it was so funny. He put the hammer down on the grass assuming it was too heavy for her to grab, and when he turned around, she was running around the yard with it in her mouth! That dog is so funny.....she can make any bad day great! I thank GOD everyday that we have her :)

Here she was, worn out from running around the yard, but she still manages to keep the hammer in her mouth - silly munchkin!!


This is what we really do at Willis.....

9:48am - I receive an email from Sprint/Nextel with these photos....

(That is my bear on the right, and my co-worker's Kathy's is on the left.)

11:10am - the second email arrives.....


1:07pm - third email......

On the third email, the kidnapper was revealed. He was smart and sent the first two from his phone where the identity was not known, but on the third he got lazy and sent it from his home email account while on his lunch hour, which clearly stated in the SENDER section that it was from BILL WEST! HA! Caught, red handed!!
We really do work at Willis, but this is evidence of some of the fun we have. You have to laugh amongst all the stress and craziness, and I have to give Bill credit, he sure had us rolling today! So much so that another supervisor had to come by and tell us all to get back to work :) oops.....I got in trouble!!
This all started two weeks ago when Kathy went on vacation, and I encouraged Bill to do something to her desk. He really got her. He messed with her chair, her phone, her keyboard....basically anything he could do that would drive her crazy on Monday morning. The next week, Bill went on vacation, so Kathy and I together with others tried to come up with stuff to do to Bill's desk. We aren't as creative, but we did put a piece of a feather duster on his fan by the on/off switch and a fake spider on his keyboard. This this week, it was pay back! He said even though his identity was revealed, he is going to do the last part of the ransom on Monday, so I can't wait to see what that will any rate, I needed those laughs today, because the other parts of my morning were not so funny, more on the stressful side.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Yesterday was our church's First Annual Neighborhood Lawn Party. It was a huge success!! We are guessing there were somewhere between 200-250 people there. And everyone seemed to have a great time! So, all of the planning and hard work was worth it - especially when I saw all the smiles on everyone's faces. And I personally "ordered" some fabulous weather, because it couldn't have been better!! Here is a shot of me - don't judge the outfit - I don't know what I was thinking!

Now, my next task will be to organize all of my notes into one place so that someone else can make it even bigger and better next year!! Brandon and I agreed that we have helped organize two big events so far this year for our church (A Couple's Enrichment weekend, and the Lawn Party) so we are taking a break for a little while (we actually want to attend one and enjoy it stress free!). One big event a year is enough, and we have done two! But, we had a lot of awesome help so it really wasn't that bad. I really enjoy doing things with and for our church family. GPPC is a great place and full of great people!! Sarah was our wonderful photographer (she called herself the official unofficial) for the event, so below is a link to her pictures. (Thanks again Sarah - and Michael too since I saw him snap some shots as well!!)


These are great, and really capture all the fun everyone had!!! As you can see, we had a variety of activities and ages present, which I loved!!!! Now, I am off to get in the shower and head off for another crazy Monday at Willis Re!! (Now that the Lawn Party is over, I really need to focus on the Settlement Class I am teaching at work next Tuesday - everyone keeps coming up to me and saying they can't wait for my class, so I better make it good!....which means I need to START putting the PowerPoint presentation together....oops!)

Friday, August 15, 2008

I know it is gross but..... could you resist this face?

(This is in response to all the "eww" faces I have gotten from people hearing/reading the previous blog entry story).

Thursday, August 14, 2008

What is that!????

......This was the question I asked myself this morning.......normal routine was as Brandon was finishing getting ready, Chelsi and I came downstairs and fixed lunches and ate breakfast (lunches - me, breakfast - chelsi), then it was potty time (chelsi, not me!), so I opened the screen door and let her out to do her business. She headed towards the back of the yard (her usual spot for #2) and went into the doggy squat. Well, after about a minute of her standing there straining, I wondered, what is up? Then, I saw SOMETHING hanging from her butt and she started the panic of rubbing her butt on the ground and running around the yard, and giving me this look of "what is this thing hanging out my butt!" I always laugh when this happens, but this morning, I was in a panic myself. I had no idea what this long "whitish" THING was hanging out of her butt. I mean, when she was a puppy, it didn't surprise me to see strange objects coming out of her butt, because let's face it, dogs will eat ANYTHING! But, now that she is almost 3, I don't expect to see a foreign object in that region. Anyway, Brandon came to the screen door getting ready to leave, and just as Chelsi ran for him, I had to yell "don't let her in, she's got something in her butt!" Of course he is like "what the heck" (I am sure we entertained any neighbors who might have been outside at 7am!). I said "don't leave, you will have to be late, you can't leave me with her and this thing in her butt!" Chelsi is still trying to get in the house, all the while with this THING hanging out - and by this point, I mean, H.A.N.G.I.N.G! It was so long that it was dragging the ground. It looked like a rope or thick string - at any rate, it was the circumference of her butt hole and I at one point wondered "is her intestines coming out!" Well, of course not, but I didn't know what to think that early in the morning. I asked Brandon to grab a paper towel, and did what any mother would do, I was going to help!! Dog, or child, it doesn't matter, motherly instinct kicks in and just because POOP is involved, you don't shy away from a panic stricken face (in my case in the puppy form). So, as Brandon stood there with a grossed out "EWWW" face and helped hold onto Chelsi for me, I grabbed the THING and pulled gently, at which point, Chelsi let out a huge YELP, and I think I screamed a little myself. I didn't pull hard, because I have always heard that you never pull something out as you don't know if it is attached inside to their intestines or something. So, now this long THING is even longer, but still not out of her butt. So, she proceeds to run around the yard some more, and finally, I saw it DROP. Well, at this point, I was just curious to see what it was, but then I noticed, there was more coming out! There was another THING protruding from her butt hole. So, the song and dance went one for about another 5 minutes, her running all around the yard with the same stricken face, and rubbing her butt on the ground, and me with the paper towel doing one more assistance pull at which point she let out another big YELP! Anyway, finally, she strained enough off to the side of the yard that it dropped, and when I went over to check it out, I was glad to see some of the normal #2 stuff in a pile beside it, which meant, NO BLOCKAGE!! Again, I had always heard that if a dog isn't able to have a normal bowel movement, and is throwing up, that these are signs of a blocked intestine which is fatal. She had been acting fine, hadn't thrown up, and had just successfully had a #2, even if it meant TWO foreign objects coming out first. Anyway, back to the, I stoop down to try and get a better look, while keeping my mouth firmly shut and holding my breath (the motherly instinct does not stop the nose from telling you that what you are looking at STINKS!) I still had no idea, but it had a "furry" appearance, and I thought it had to be some type of fabric, but couldn't' tell what. Well, at this point, Brandon is already 15 mins late for work, so I rush him off, but the foreign objects in a plastic bag and leave them on the patio for later inspection. Chelsi and I come inside and I love on her, check her out, and make sure she is ok. She is acting fine, and again, hasn't thrown up, so I proceed to get ready for work. All day today, I was worried sick, and afraid I was going to come home to a dead dog. I know, I know, dogs eat things all the time, but it doesn't stop me from worrying and thinking the worst. So, anyway, I get home and after changing clothes (I was going to be handling poop after all - no state for your work clothes) I went outside and dumped the contents of the plastic bag on the patio. I thought if I watered it down, that whatever it was, might unravel from it's long rope like state, and give me some indication of what it was. So, a full watering can full later, I work to unravel it, producing a perfect rectangle of some type of fabric. The 2nd piece was a little torn and knotted in one spot, so that had me confused as well. I made Brandon take a break from his Fantasy Football note taking while watching sports center, and come outside to take a look. He wouldn't handle it like I was, but from looking at it, he thought it resembled a Swifter. Again, no idea how she would have gotten a hold of one, but for comparison sake, he went inside the house and grabbed one from the cabinet. He brought it out to compare, and even though it was a similar shape, the texture didn't seem just right. At this point, Chelsi is JUST FINE, running around and being her happy self, so I knew she was fine, and figured I just needed to throw the THINGS away and forget about it. But, for curiosity sake, I called my Mom. Chelsi and I had just spent the weekend with my parents while Brandon was out of town, and even though Chelsi wasn't unsupervised during our visit, I thought she might have some ideas of what it might be. So, I went through the whole morning saga with her on the phone, and then my mom asked, "Well, what is it?" I told her I still had no idea, but described the texture and look of it, and then she said, "I know what it is!" She reminded me that Sunday morning while my Dad was emptying trash cans (one of his quirky weekend routines - for another blog day!) Chelsi got into the trash bag and ran downstairs with something in her mouth. My mom ran after her and grabbed a bunch of Kleenex from her and thought she had gotten it all. Well, after hearing me describe what the THINGS looked like, she reminded me of something that was in the trash bag that Chelsi must have swallowed.....AND THE CULPRIT IS..........
A FLUSHABLE WIPE!!! Two of them to be exact!! That little booger had managed to swallow two of these by the time my Mom caught her downstairs. Not sure why they were in the trash and not in the sewer since they are flushable, but oh well, just glad we found out the source. So, needless to say, we had an interesting morning in the Inscore household :)

Random Fact

Never knew this, but was told today by a co-worker that a dogs can give birth to a litter with multiple fathers. If you don't believe me, check it out here. I guess now it makes sense why sometimes you may see dogs that are referred to as siblings but may look completely different. They obviously have the same mother, but can have two different breeds in fathers. Another co-worker's dog (a German Shepherd), just gave birth to 11 puppies, some of which look just like a German Shepherd, and others that look like a Labrador. In this case, I think it is just the case of two different breeds mating, but you never know!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

In Print!

As a part of the planning I am doing for the Neighborhood Lawn Party my church is hosting on Sunday, I did a phone interview with the News and Record. I just checked, and the story printed today! Check it out here! Of course my dad wanted a copy for his scrapbook since his daughter's name is mentioned, and I will probably put one in my own as well!! Isn't it nice when the small things can excite you so much in life ;)

Wonderful Weekend!

I had just what I needed this weekend........time away from everything!!! While Brandon was in New Mexico enjoying some time with a Fraternity brother that just moved there, Chelsi and I headed to Winston-Salem to spend some time with my parents. I was spoiled, able to relax, and just had some good 'ol family time! Friday night was dinner out to celebrate my mom's birthday and then home to watch the opening ceremonies of the olympics. Saturday started off with a walk around the neighborhood with my dad with both dogs in tow while mom was getting a haircut, and then shopping that afternoon with my mom to help her spend her gift card at Talbots and buy Brandon's birthday gifts from Lowe's. Saturday night was dinner at home and more Olympics, with all of us, 3 adults and 2 dogs passing out in the den watching tv at 9:30pm! Today we were lazy and hung around the house in our PJs. We booked our flights for XMas to San Diego, CA (my bro will be living there for six months), and I raided my parents house for misc. items for the Lawn Party at church on Sunday. Today is my dad's birthday, and we did what he likes best, just "putsing" around the house :) Then Chelsi and I loaded back in the car along with all the stuff we accumulated, and headed home. Now, I am waiting on Brandon to get home from the airport (stuck waiting on his bag at baggage claim - too many flights in at once!) and will fix him a birthday dinner of steak tips, mac 'n cheese, green beans, cake & ice cream!! His birthday is tomorrow, but figure we will celebrate tonight. I have his presents displayed and ready for him to open!! I love birthdays!!! But, I tell you, this time of year is crazy with all the ones we have in a row in our family!! Since Brandon had the camera with him this weekend, I stole a few pics he had already posted on Facebook - so here is your glimpse of New Mexico! He had a great time visiting his friend Brian! The 1st pic is from Route 66 - the middle of nowhere!, and the 2nd is a typical New Mexico front yard - no grass, just rock!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

In a fog.... was just one of those days. I started out and stayed in a fog. It wasn't that I didn't feel well, it wasn't that I didn't sleep well last night, it was just that my head was full of fog and I was feeling very lazy today. I think I am just overwhelmed.......but looking forward to a weekend with my parents where hopefully I can get a little spoiled and just relax!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Cross-Country Trip

My brother and his roommate, Will headed out on their week-long journey today. They are driving cross-country. My brother is going to be working in San Diego for six months, so his roommate from Charleston, SC agreed to drive with him and keep him company, and then is going to fly back home. They are of course making a few stops along the way, and taking in some of the night-life :) Here is the link he sent me tonight of his agenda.......he may actually meet up with Brandon in New Mexico on Thursday, as that is where he is headed this weekend to hang out with some college friends. Andrew also sent me a picture link......I am guessing he is planning on adding to it as the trip continues, so check back for updates - they are too funny!

False Alarm

We officially set off our alarm for the first time tonight.....and of course it was after 10pm (after quiet hours, right Sarah?)!! When we got the alarm system installed they gave us free key-chains that could be used to turn the alarm on and off and also included a panic button. I was paranoid about hitting mine, and also felt more comfortable actually typing in the pin number to set and turn off the alarm, so I took my key chain off a few months ago. Well, tonight after a late Lowe's and Walmart run, we were unloading my car when all of a sudden this loud sound was coming from our house. We both looked at one another and were like "what the heck!?!" So, I ran inside and put the code in, but it still showed an alarm on the keypad. I waited and waited for them to call, but no luck. Well, what is the good of the alarm if no one will call I wondered. Brandon said maybe they would just send the police. Well, about 2 or 3 minutes later (when I could have already been dead!) the phone finally ran "Hi, this is David with APX security. We just received notice of your panic button being set off, did you need the police?".....No, no, I explained, just my husband setting the panic button off via his pants pocket :) (my only guess is he hit it while reaching into the car to grab the bags from our shopping spree). But, I am still concerned about the time that passed before the call came in.....and also only after I had entered the pin number into the key pad 2 times! Oh well, all of this technology is beyond me!! Brandon is actually working on another form of technology as we speak.....Time Warner Cable came this evening (hence our delay in errand running) to install our new Internet phone and upgrade cable and road runner, but now our TIVO won't work :( Not sure if the outdated TIVO will be able to work with all this new found technology. Oh well. We should both really be in bed anyway......

Sunday, August 3, 2008

My weekend

While Brandon was enjoying a bachelor weekend, I had a busy one myself. Friday night and Saturday was scrap booking at church. We finished our pastor's album, and IT LOOKED AWESOME if I say so myself. We rock!! And we knew it wasn't going to be easy to hand over our hard work (selfishly wanted to keep it for ourselves) but I know he will love it. We blew the albums from his past churches out of the water!!

Saturday night, Sarah and I headed downtown to Natty Greene's to meet up with some other friends for drinks. I had a feeling I was going to have a "good" night when the first pint and a half went down so easily before anyone else arrived :) Amanda (in town from Raleigh) showed up next with her brother, Alexander and his girlfriend, Erin who were in town from Arizona for a visit. Another pint was ordered, and again it went down like water (count is now 3). Jess and Richard arrived next, and a round of shots were ordered. The girls enjoyed "Pineapple Upside Down Cakes" and the boys, Tequila. Some more of Alexander's friends stopped by throughout the night to visit with him while he was in town. At one point, when feeling really good, I decided I needed a puff of one of the guys cigarettes (haven't had a craving like that in a LONG time). Well, just one puff, and it gave me a buzz. Then, Amanda and I enjoyed a "Slutty Redhead" shot and another pint was ordered (count is now 4 beers and 2 shots). So, at this point, I am feeling really good and have a great time with friends. Amanda got trapped by drunk Ginny into one of those "deep" conversations that alcohol can lead you to, but mostly we were all just laughing and cutting up with one another. Then I decided I needed another "Pineapple Upside Down Cake" and one last pint, as well as one whole cigarette bummed from Alexander's friend (count became 5 pints, 3 shots, and a cigarette). Needless to say, I was feeling pretty good. Around 1:45am, Sarah and I decided to call it a night, bid our farewells and made the mandatory McDonald's Late Night menu food run (no worries, Sarah was my designated driver). Back home at 2:30am, with the room still spinning a little, but with a full belly of quarter pounder, coco-cola and fries, I closed my eyes and welcomed sleep.

Sunday morning, 7am - even though I was still exhausted, I made myself get up and drink some water and give myself some time to wake up. I had been nominated, sort of, by the scrap booking girls to present the album to the pastor at his reception in between services, so I had to be coherent. At 8am with my stomach still queasy, I made the college days decision that puking would help, so I did, and I felt so much better! After more water and a few saltines I hopped in the shower and then headed towards church.

When I arrived I honestly felt there was no way I was going to make it through the whole reception and service, but after spending the morning laughing and crying at all the presentations made in our pastor's honor, I decided I would rather be no where else. I don't know how he made it through, but with only a few tears, he gave a wonderful last sermon. I was even moved to make a few notes, which I never do! Mostly just phrases he says every week that I didn't want to forget. Even though I didn't know him very long, since we have only been attending there for just under 2 years, I am really going to miss him. But, I also can't wait to meet our new pastor (who ever he or she may be) and get to know our associate pastor better. With every event and with more time spent with this loving church family, I KNOW what people mean when they say they found a CHURCH HOME.

So, even though I wore two very different "hats" this weekend, it was a great one! Unfortunately, I have to end it with doing a report for work before heading off to bed and getting ready for another very busy week!!


Brandon headed to a campground near Asheville this weekend with some high-school buddies for their own version of a bachelor party (camping, fishing, white-water rafting, and other boy stuff). Chad didn't want the traditional go out to bars bachelor party - he just wanted a weekend with his friends outdoors. So, anyway, since he was with the guys and it isn't too cool to call your wife, here are the text messages I received:

Friday 2:46pm

Friday 2:47pm

Saturday 12:02am

Saturday 12:07am

Saturday 8:30am

Saturday 8:37am

-I responded with "have fun today, be careful, and dont get chad too drunk, you all arent as young as you used to be!"

Saturday 8:47am

(Justin is Chad's younger brother)

Saturday 4:25pm

Sunday 7:56am

About 1:30pm today, the stinky boys pulled in front of our house to drop Brandon off - the Tahoe was packed to the gills - and they had some stories to tell - but I know they had a great time!