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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Daycare and End of Maternity Leave

Back to reality. I start back to work tomorrow after a wonderful 10 weeks off with my baby girl....weeks I will cherish forever. To help with the transition and give Molly and I a chance to adjust (mostly me, let's be honest!), she started daycare on Monday. This way I could get used to the routine of getting her there for a few days, and saying goodbye for the day. Monday was rough, I am not going to lie. I love her daycare. It is a church daycare. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles that some places have now, but the important thing is that it is a loving Christian based environment. And the best part is that it is only 5 mins from my work! But of course it is still hard to leave her with strangers. Until Monday, she had only been watched by my Mom, or friends in church nursery during service, if she wasn't with either Brandon or me. I took her to visit this past Thursday morning. I got to meet her morning teacher, introduce her to the other babies in her class, and get a feel for things. Over the weekend, we got all the last minute things we needed for her to take with her, and I packed her daycare bag on Sunday. On Monday, we left on time (I was so surprised!) and I got her all settled around 8:30am. However, I had trouble putting her down to leave. I kept talking to her teacher, and kept giving her kisses, and then finally knew I had to leave. I held back my tears until I was out the door, but then let loose once I was in my car. I just drove and cried. I wasn't ready to go home yet, because that would have been worse - going home to an empty house. So, I ran some errands to keep my mind off things, and that helped. I went to the grocery store and got us stocked up for the week, and ran by the vet to get food and medicine for the animals. Then, I had to come home. And that brought on the tears again. I think I cried the hardest at home when Chelsi went looking for Molly and couldn't figure out where she was - it was so cute but so sad at the same time. I went into her room, and sat in the rocking chair for a few minutes, and then decided I couldn't sulk anymore. So, I ate some breakfast (a big fat cinnamon bun I had bought at the grocery store - yummy!), and then tackled my closet. I pulled out all the maternity clothes (well, to be honest, I kept a few in there that aren't obvious maternity that I can wear a little longer since I am still in between sizes) and changed out the seasons. I made a big pile for Goodwill which still currently sits in our hallway upstairs (will get to that eventually), and threw some other things out. Of course this was one of the tasks of many that I was convinced I would do while on maternity leave. But, did I get to any of the others??? Of course not! I just cuddled with Molly and got used to life with a baby - exhaustion and all :) I just hope I don't put off working on her baby book or scrapbook too long!! I was very proud of myself, because I made it the whole day, and didn't go pick her up early. I did however, call them about noon to find out how she was doing, and they said of course she was fine. When the clock hit 4:30pm, I hit the door running, and was so overjoyed to give her kisses and have her in my arms again. I even got a smile out of her before we walked out to the car while I was getting her in her car seat. Ah, made this momma melt :) Then, when Daddy got home from work, we gave him the full report on everything. I don't want him to miss out, since I am the one that will be taking and picking her up most days. Tuesday and today were easier. I didn't cry, but of course was still reluctant to leave her. I treated myself again to a cinnamon bun each morning when I returned home :) I will work on that post-pregnancy diet at some point :) But right now, I needed comfort food. Her afternoon teacher said she is adjusting very well compared to most babies she has seen, so that made me feel better. But then it made me wonder - did I not spoil her enough?!? I want her to adjust, sure, but why is she adjusting so well? Then I realized I can't question it, and just be thankful that she is transitioning well. Plus, for all I know, they could say this to all the parents to make them feel better. I know all day cares do this, but I still think it is neat. I get a little report card on her each evening. It tells me when she took a bottle, how much she took, when she napped and about her diaper changes. In a way, you still wish they could give you even more details on all the hours you just missed out on in your child's life, but I know I will be in constant communication with both her teachers. The ratio is very small right now, so that works out great for us! Molly gets lots of attention and I get to talk to the teachers more in depth about how she is doing. Right now there are only 4 other babies in her class, and one is actually getting ready to move up to the crawler room, so it will be down to a total of 4 babies, including Molly. So, now as I prepare to go back to work tomorrow, and hoping my brain will know how to function again after 10 weeks, the thing that is helping me hold on is that I know I will have a nice long week 24/7 with my baby again in a month when we take a family road trip up north.

Here are a couple of pictures I took Monday morning before we left for daycare. Of course I am a dork, and had to take a picture of her bags and everything. It was like the first day of school :) And I guess that just shows the scrapbook fanatic in me as well :) I can already picture this page in her 1st year scrapbook! :)

And check out that smile - I LOVE HER!!!