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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Finding out!

We have thought and talked about it a lot, and Brandon and I have made the decision to find out the sex of the baby! Now that the decision is made, I am excited, and can't wait for our appointment on September 13th! I just hope Baby Inscore cooperates! I don't think I will be able to stand it if they can't really tell for sure!! My gut is still telling me it is a boy, but when I think about decorating the nursery or buying things, for some reason my thoughts first go to girls. So, who knows!?!

Brandon is planning to paint the nursery today. Mint Ice Cream is our color, and I can't wait to see it on the walls! I know I am going to love it :) He worked last weekend getting the walls all prepped - lots of repair work to do - didn't know we had made so many holes in the walls! But now he is ready to paint :)

This momma to be is heading out with my friend Amanda this afternoon. She is due with her first baby, Colin in 4 short weeks! So, we are going to check out some consignment stores she has been wanting to go to. Just to help fill in any last minute gaps for her. And of course I will start looking for myself, but don't see myself getting much. Still too early for me. I am excited though about thinking about starting to hit some of the church consignment sales this fall - especially after we know what we are having.

In other news, even though it is crazy early, my wonderful friends have already offered to throw me a shower and we have set a date! Main reason for setting the date so early is because we are having it at my neighborhood community center, and that place books up crazy early! We even had to go with our second choice on date, because the first one was already taken. So, Sunday December 5th it is! I feel so blessed to have such wonderful friends that are just as excited about this baby as we are. And I also feel relieved that 4 of them are going to do the shower together. I would HATE for it to all be on one person, and will make it easier for me to just have one big friend shower. So thank you again to Jess, Rachel, Michele & Sarah!

With football season right around the corner, our weekends this fall are filling up quick! I am glad I am starting to feel better, and can actually enjoy getting out of the house more and taking part in the fun. Elon has 5 home games this year, and we can go to all 5! However, we will have to skip tailgating for 2 of them :( But all for good reason. Oct 2nd we are in charge of an event at church in the morning, but hope to make it to the 2nd half of the football game that afternoon. And then one of the Saturdays in November, Brandon is doing "Daddy Boot Camp" class at Women's Hospital in the morning, but we should be able to make kick-off for that game. It is not that I am a huge football fan, but it is just really fun to have a tradition and to do something together as a couple. Brandon and I have already enjoyed our time together, but tend to have different hobbies. So, this is something we can do and enjoy together. He loves the game, and supporting Elon, and I love the social aspect :)

So, I am looking forward to this fall. Getting ready for all things Baby and just soaking in the last months of it just being the two of us. I know it will be a huge change when a little one joins our crew, but I can't wait, and I welcome all the chaos!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Baby Showers

I have a weekend full of baby showers, and I can't wait! I think any baby shower will be more exciting now, as I prepare for a little one of my own too! I plan to soak in as much as I can, and start my wish list for what I will want to put on my registries, etc. But, I do have to gloat for a second, because I am the BOMB on making fun things for these showers. The first one is actually a "Welcome Baby Party" for my friend, Emily. Her precious Charlie was born on July 9th, and we are going to welcome him into the world and spoil him and his mom in style :). Just for something fun, I decided to give a try to some lifesaver pacifiers that someone at work told me how to make. What do you think? They are VERY easy to make. You just take lifesavers and jelly beans and "adhesive" them together with icing - it is best to let them set overnight, and then decorate with ribbon.

The baby shower tomorrow is for my friend, Amanda, who is expecting her first baby boy, Colin next month. I made a diaper cake as my gift and for some fun decoration at the shower. The idea came from a magazine that someone again from work gave me, and I think it turned out great! What do you think? The face just makes it!

I am loving all these crafts!! And getting more excited about getting the upstairs more in order now. Once we get the nursery all settled, Brandon can start to help me get the other bedroom ready for all things scrap booking and crafts!! YEAH!!!

As far as Preggo here goes, I am doing much better. Still feeling a little sick, but getting my appetite back more and more each day. I am just about back to the weight I was when I got pregnant since so far all I had done was lost weight. However, regardless of a little weight lost, the belly is definitely starting to pooch! I am calling myself "in-betweeny" since I am not quite in all things Maternity yet, but having trouble fitting in a lot of my regular clothes. I have worn a couple of maternity shirts that my good friend Michele generously let me borrow, and then luckily most of the stuff in the stores now which I had bought for summer wear anyway was baby doll style. Pants are really the struggle now, so I am just relying on all my elastic waist skirts and wearing lots of dresses too. I can't even begin to describe how exciting all of this is to me! Even though I am still not feeling the best, I am soaking in all of the "funny" feelings I am getting from my body, and loving every moment. It is just so amazing that I have a little person growing inside me, and I can't wait to meet him/her!!!!

Monday, August 2, 2010


So of course this blog is going to turn more into all about baby on board, and I am so excited about that! More later, but to start here are our latest u/s pics :) We are 12 weeks and due on Feb 8th!