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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day Weekend

Well, to be honest, I wasn't celebrating this Mother's Day as I would have hoped - as a Mother myself - but I had a WONDERFUL time being with my own mom! And I know my time is soon to come to be a mom myself......just have to keep practice being patient. My brother decided to come to town to surprise my mom. He is so sweet! He surprised me last year for my birthday and then decided to surprise mom this year for Mother's Day. I must admit, I think my surprise was better, because he came all the way from California for my 30th. But, it was still great of him to make the drive from DC and deal with the traffic both coming and going. He arrived Friday evening, but decided to get together with some high school buddies he hadn't seen in a while and wait and surprise mom on Saturday. I wasn't there yet to see it, but got the play by play later. Andrew called and talked to Dad on the phone (who didn't know he was coming either) to throw him off a little - he just wanted to make sure they were home - so he talked for a few minutes and then told Dad he had to go because he was getting ready to go and buy some softballs and head to a game. Then just a few minutes later he pulled in the driveway. Mom was out front working in the yard. Andrew honked the horn and she looked over and still took her a few seconds to realize it was him. She said she was thinking to herself, what neighbor has a black car? Too funny!! Needless to say, I am sure the squeals could be heard from a mile away. If you don't know my mom, she is a squealer :) She gets very excited when she sees her kiddos and isn't afraid to show it - I LOVE LOVE that about her!!! Brandon and I arrived a short while later and the family just enjoyed some quiet time talking on the back porch - such a gorgeous day!!

Then we headed off to check out the new minor league baseball team, the DASH take on the Salem Red Sox. The new stadium was awesome! We went early so we had time to walk around and check everything out and get some food (the food was much better than the Hoppers stadium, I must admit!), and then took our seats. We were on the first base line and really enjoyed the game. The DASH won, including a Grand Slam - it was great! And the best part was seeing the smile on my Mom's face!! She was just so happy to be with her family :)

Brandon and I headed back to Greensboro that night, but Andrew stayed until Sunday afternoon so he could spend more time with Mom and Dad. He even treated them to the Deacon Club for Mother's Day brunch - which they also said was delicious and wonderful!! I enjoyed waking up on Mother's Day cuddling with my canine child, and spending the day with my sweet hubby. We did what every girl loves most - shopping! After church we decided to go and check out some of the sales, and both got a few new things to brighten up our spring/summer wardrobes. I think I like some of things Brandon got for himself better than what I got for me. He is one handsome man!! We pretty much went separate ways when we hit the stores, so it was fun to come home and put on a fashion show for one another. You know, sometimes it is just the little things that make life the most fun and make me feel so lucky to live the life I do :)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Thoughts pre-pregnancy.....

So, I thought I better publish the things I had in draft and couldn't publish until the news was public :) Just some thoughts along the way so far - it has been an emotional process, but so glad we are finally in the pregnant state!!!!

Tuesday, May 4th:
Not going to lie, feeling a little depressed today. But, as usual, Brandon knew just how to cheer me up. By the time he left for work, he had me laughing. I started this morning. And as I thought I would, I allowed myself to cry. Sure, I had been disappointed months before in the years we have been trying, but this one was different. Everything was going great! We finally got my body working like it is supposed to. Medicine was working and doctor was very pleased with results. So, I thought, this is it! And a part of me was hoping for a very early Mother's Day gift and birthday gift this year. But, now I am saying 3rd time is a charm. Brandon said he has good feelings about this next month. And once again, I have to remind myself, that at least I have a least things seem to be working as they should. And most couples still have to wait almost a year to get that exciting news. But, my problem is, I don't have another year. I can't be on these drugs that long. So, 3rd time is a charm, right!?!? And if we have to, doc said we could go 4 months on the meds before going to next step. So, we still have a Plan!

Sat morning, May 29th:
So, I have been feeling funny the past few days, and of course was afraid I was overthinking every feeling my body had, but since I had 3 pregnancy tests in the bathroom cabinets, I thought why not? Well, at 4am, I had to pee, so I thought, ok, going to do it! I took a test. Taking all the wrapping off was so loud!! - I was afraid Brandon would come in and ask what I was doing. Not that I wouldn't tell him, but for some reason wanted this private moment. I guess a part of me felt funny for doing it, because come on now, the results are always negative, and my symptoms aren't that strong. So, pee on the stick (half asleep) and put it down to wait a few minutes. Stare at it constantly. Watch one line come up and wait to see if there will be a second. Wait, wait, wait. Ok, can't be pregnant because you hear people say the line shows right away. Wait, there is something appearing. Yes, it is a second line, but it is really faint. Frustrated, I throw the test in the trash, and go back to bed. I lay awake for a few minutes praying. God, please give me the strength. I know you have plans for me, and I trust you, but please give me the strength to know what to do. Go back to sleep. 6:30 am, alarm goes off. I know, crazy for a Sat morning, but Brandon is taking my car to be serviced and has an 8am appt across town. I love him by the way! He takes care of everything. While I was shopping after work yesterday, he was cutting the grass. As I type this blog, he is out getting my car serviced. Yup, I have a great man! He never complains. Ok, back to the reason for this post. So, I get up and just out of curiosity go pull the test from 4am out of the trash. Yup, still two lines, but one is a lot more faint than the other. Laugh. Brandon gives me confused look as he walks in bathroom. Yup, your wife took another pregnancy test. I know you say it is ok, and it isn't a waste of money to hope for something we really want, but I still think I should have waited until the missed period. I did buy the test that tells you 6 days before, and I am only 2 days before day 28. So, I show him the test. He says, look at the box and see what the faint line means. I read the instructions. ONE LINE MAY BE FAINTER THAN THE OTHER. Wow! Ok, so am I pregnant? Of course I am going to question it. I ask Brandon if I should take another test? He says do you have more? Yup, I have 2 more, because I planned ahead for my insecurity :) I take test #2. Same thing, 1st line right away, 2nd FAINT line appears about a minute or two later. Still confused. Leave both tests on the bathroom counter, and tell Brandon, we are not throwing these away. He says, well you threw the first one away. Yeah, because I thought I wasn't pregnant. Now, not sure. Come downstairs and go to computer to search about this type of test. Still confused. A faint line to some means, you are pregnant, just have low level of pregnancy hormone. Wait a few days. Yeah right! I am going to the store in a little while and buying some other type of tests. Maybe a digital one.

Digital result is PREGNANT!! I sent Brandon a text because he was still getting my car serviced, and he wrote back "SWEET....I LOVE YOU!" I am scared! We might be pregnant, but we still have the miscarriage hurdle to get over, and a long road ahead. But, I can finally smile!! And now to make an appt with doctor for blood pregnancy test to make it official.