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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Bye Bye CR-V

Well, it isn't goodbye quite yet, but we had a potential buyer come by the house today to see my car, and they decided to buy it! So, once my new car comes in, we will call them back and do all the formal stuff with funds and paperwork, etc. But, we are glad that we found someone who can use it, and we don't have to worry about trying to sell it. We had it washed and detailed inside and out about a month ago at a carwash, and then today we rinsed it off and vacuumed it out one more time before they came over. Doesn't it look pretty?

It is going to be hard to say goodbye to the CR-V. It has been a great car! Kinda weird when you think of all the memories a car gives you, but it is true. I remember when we sold Brandon's Mazda 626 about a year ago, we stood together in the living room looking out the window as the new buyer drove up the street with it, and it was kinda sad. We rode in his Mazda on our first date, took several trips together in it, etc. I am sure I will have the same feeling again at the end of May when I pass the keys over. It has been a good car, and ironically it will be close to 10 years exactly when I bid it farewell, since I got it in early June 1998 after my freshman year at Elon. It too holds lots of memories, and fun stories. Now I just have to make sure I don't get in a wreck or hit another deer in the next month before my new car comes in!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Dinner with mom :)

I met my mom for dinner tonight, and it was great! We sat and talked for 2 hours. Of course I will always call her my mom and ask for her advice, but we are more on a friend level these days, which is neat. But I tell you what, hearing how crazy my dad's and her schedule is, and her telling me about my brother's upcoming travel schedule, it makes me feel lazy!! They are all constantly on the go and doing something. I am looking forward to all being together along with the rest of our family from up north in Connecticut next month. 4 days just won't be long enough :(

General updates.....

Why does a piece of cake sound like the best breakfast? Oh yeah, that is because I started Weight Watchers on Thursday and can't have any!!! It is going pretty well so far. I only dabbed into my extra 35 pts last night by accident (didn't know Canola Oil was 2 pts for 1/2 Tbsp!!). But I know the real test will be when I go out to eat or to a gathering at someone's house. Our fridge and freezer are packed right now - might have something to do with our 1 1/2 hour run to Walmart on Friday night (you know you lead an exciting life when Walmart is your Friday night out, HA!). We were pretty entertaining I am sure. I had two Weight Watchers books with me, and Brandon was in charge of the Points Slide (can't wait for my points calculator!!). I hope I can make room in the freezer for the Let's Dish meals I am making on Saturday (looking forward to it Sarah and Emily!!).

On Saturday morning we took my car in for its last oil change, inspection, tire rotation, etc......or at least the last one on our dollar at least. It passed inspection, so nothing extra needed - thank goodness!! Now we just have to find a buyer. Someone from work hooked us up with a couple of potentials, so we just need to get them to come and look at it.

Later that morning we headed to the Zoo to meet up with some of the AOII girls from the alumnae group. We had a lot of fun. There were 12 of us (kids and adults), but we stayed together pretty well. Since Brandon and I had just been in October, we were more excited to see the kids reactions to things. If I have the ages right, we had an 11, 8, 4, and almost 2 year olds with us. Of course with our luck, the power to the park was out, so that meant only salads and fruit for lunch since the grill was broken, and dark bathrooms. At least it wasn't too hot. It was amazing how many people we saw that we knew - the zoo is a popular place, but you still don't expect to run into people, especially with how large it is. But, sure enough, we saw someone from my work, someone from church, and then had a slightly awkward moment when the ex-husband of one of the girls in our group was there with his new girlfriend, and her there with her boyfriend.....oh well!

I started a new medicine last night to try and battle my pre-diabetes and help me loose weight. I hope my tummy can take it, as I have heard it can be pretty rough on it! So far so good. I will be interested to hear the results of my glucose test that I had done on Friday. Until then, off to count points and pack my lunch, and getting ready for another day at least we are through Monday ;)

Monday, April 14, 2008

New Car!

Well, I finally made the decision on what I wanted, and we ordered it today. It turned out that I was pretty picky, and since they are selling so quickly, the dealership thought it was best for us to just order it. So, I should have my new car in about 6 weeks! It won't be here in time for my birthday, but close enough :) So soon you will see me cruising around in my 2008 GMC Acadia!! Can you tell I am excited?!? :)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Baptism video

Here's the video - I hope it works!

A trip to Wilkesboro

We headed to Wilkesboro this weekend. It is always good to spend time with family! Our niece, Ashlyn was baptized today, so of course we wanted to be there! She just turned 7 this past month. After dropping Chelsi off at Lucky's (her favorite spot!) on Saturday morning, we headed up 421. We spent the afternoon with Brandon's parents at the house talking, and then headed out to do a little shopping before dinner. Barbara and I shopped, while Rex and Brandon talked in the car and took a trip to Lowe's to pass the time :) After shopping, we still a little while before meeting the rest of the gang, so we drove up to W. Kerr Scott dam. I had never been there, and was excited to see some other areas around where Brandon grew up. It was gorgeous!

Then we headed to one of our favorite restaurants, Fire Mountain to meet Derek, Jana, Ashlyn and Weston for dinner. We were able to give Ashlyn her birthday present (even though a month late!) and have some quality family time. After dinner, Brandon and I hopped in the car with Derek and gang and went back to their house for a little while. We wanted to see Derek's new Snap On truck (so many tools!) and visit with the kids some more. I got to see Weston kick butt at a Wii game (cow racing), and talk with Jana. Ashlyn, Weston and I also did some coloring. Then Derek drove us back to his parents, where we watched a little of the race and then I crashed at 11:30pm. Brandon's parents are night owls, and I can never stay up as late as them!

This morning we headed to church. Their preacher, David is great! I always enjoy hearing him preach, and seeing all the familiar faces at their church. As with a lot of small southern towns, a big portion of Brandon's extended family goes to the same church, so it is always great to see everyone. Just so different from how I grew up. After the service, they had the baptisms. My first experience with full submersion, but it was neat. Nothing like I expected, but most first experiences rarely are! Below are some pictures. They aren't the best quality, but still special.

Derek read a little scripture before the baptisms.

Ashlyn with Rev. David getting ready to be baptized (I will be posting a video soon too - my first You Tube!)

Ashlyn's cousin, Levi was baptized as well.

Lil bro, Weston looking on.....such a cutie pie!!!

Ashlyn back in the pew in dry clothes ;)

After church, we headed to Jana's parents house for lunch and a celebration with family. Jana also comes from a big family, and they are very close. I think it is really neat, and always enjoy spending time with them. They are a crazy bunch! Then, we had to say our goodbyes :( and head back to Greensboro to pick up the pup before closing time. Even though it is nice to get home, I always hate saying goodbye. Brandon's mom still cries a little every time we leave, and I also hate having to leave Ashlyn and Weston. I know an hour and a half is a lot closer than a lot of people, but sometimes wish we were closer. But, just glad that my kids will hopefully be able to grow up with family near by since I never did. And I am thankful for that. to post the video and then watch Big Brother!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Taking chances

Well, we were some of the ones that took a chance on the low-fare offerings of SkyBus and now two trips we had planned have been uprooted by their announcement to go out of business this weekend. We have already re booked one of the trips for a whopping $745!! That is just insane!!! But, it is for my Grandmother's 90th birthday, and a chance to get together with all our family, so couldn't miss it. And we decided to forgo our trip to Chicago. It is a city we both want to visit, but will hold off doing so for another day. Figure we can put the money we would have to spend on re booking those flights and getting a hotel, etc on our beach trip this fall. At least we did have time to make other arrangements, and we knew going in that we were taking a chance. Everyone was wondering how they were able to offer such low fares, but now we know.....because they can't!