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Monday, January 28, 2008

I love sales!!

You know you had a successful night of shopping when at the bottom of the receipt it says you saved more than you spent! I heard at work today that Belk was having a big sale, so Brandon and I headed that way this evening, and basically restocked his closet. I can't wait to throw out all of his old stuff!! I came home with 1 thing to his 20 or so, which is definitely not the normal female vs. male shopping ratio :) Yeah for sales!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

New Year's Resolution in progress.....

Ok, so maybe it took some results from blood work at the doctor to motivate me a little more, but at least I can honestly say I am starting to work towards one of my New Year's Resolutions. Of course it is the same every year - because who doesn't want to loose a little weight, but when there is High Sugar and Risk for Diabetes in the picture, that changes things. So, we officially added a new piece of equipment to our house this weekend - the Schwinn Airdyne Bike! Yeah, so it is from 1991 - a loan from my parents - wasn't really doing much collecting dust in their garage - but it works great! Who needs one of those new fancy things - this should help take the pounds off just as well. On Monday we put the truck to good use again and brought the bike back from my parents - snagged a free lunch in the process (healthy of course) - parents are always good at spoiling!! And then went to work setting up the new exercise room. Poor Callie is loosing some of her "Kitty Room" freedom. We had an extra TV that we were planning on getting rid of, so we stuck that in there, and Brandon found some old computer speakers that he set up so I can hook my IPod to them and jam out while I cycle. I was hating the cold and not being able to get outdoors and exercise some, so hopefully this will do the trick from stopping me from being a couch potato. I put it to good use this morning already! Now, I wonder if we can get Chelsi and Callie to use it?!? Callie really needs to take some pounds off as well, and my dog who hates the cold needs to expend some energy!! Anyway, time will tell on how good I am at disciplining myself. The hardest thing is going to cut back on sugar - I LOVE sugar!!! I have been known to make a bowl of frosting just to sit down and eat it!! YIKES, I know!!! Brandon was sweet and bought me some sugar free candy to help curve the craving - and it actually isn't too bad. Keep your fingers crossed!

Getting into the Passionate mood :)

Brandon and I really enjoyed the Couples Enrichment Event we had with our church this past weekend. We learned a lot on "Making Love Work" and had fun as well!! This was the first time I have been involved in something where there has been 100% participation!! A few couple had to back out, but they notified us, and we had others to take their place, so we reached our budget limit of 40 couples, which was great!! And the couples even spanned across 5 decades - the youngest in their 20's and the oldest in their 70's. I think that is amazing!! I love our church!!

So, after spending the weekend on the topic of "Making Love Work", I am trying to incorporate some of what I learned into my every day life. Of course, a part of that is recognizing a guy's number one need - SEX! Hence, trying to get in the Passionate mood ;) At least I am also recognizing that he is working on the woman's number one need - AFFECTION!

To help me on that note, I have a weekend full of Passion parties this weekend - which is great! I am feeling a little rusty because I haven't done a party since August, but I am excited about getting back in the groove. I even have parties booked for the next two weekends as well! Nothing like Valentine's Day around the corner to motivate people :)

Thursday, January 17, 2008

"Making Love Work"

This weekend we have a "Making Love Work" couples enrichment seminar for church. Brandon and I are on the planning committee and really enjoying getting to know some other people at church. And we are also really looking forward to hear what the speakers have to say about 'making love work'. I mean, of course they have to say that as long as the men do whatever the women want, all will be ok in the world of love, right? Of course not, but I am at least hoping that my hubby will be dazed by love and go with me to see "27 Dresses" this weekend!! We haven't been to the movies in forever - seems I always go and see the girly flicks with the girls and he will go and see all the other movies I hate with the boys, and there don't seem to be many in between. Luckily with TV we find mutual ground. And lately, I feel I am looking at my life as if it were a TV show. I get caught up in all the drama and try and figure out the next step, when really I should just sit back and take it one day at a time, and try to stop planning every step. I really need to trust that God will lead the way, and all I need to do is pray and follow his lead. My mom recently reminded me that God will only give you what you can handle. My parents said this to me a lot growing up, and it is the phrase I find myself coming back to often. It is a way I try to comfort others as well as myself. You can easily get caught up feeling sorry for everyone and worrying about the WHY when bad things happen, but there is a reason for everything, and if you don't believe in this, you will go crazy. I also hope that after this weekend, I can really take a step back and appreciate the great things in my life - especially my wonderful husband. He is my rock. He lets me vent and complain, and ramble on and on about things, but he also motivates me and makes me a better person.

I know it seems silly to ramble on a blog in which who knows who is reading, but there is something to be said for being able to express yourself through writing. I don't consider myself a very creative person - one who can write for entertainment and to make people laugh, or to analyze random things - I enjoy reading those type things, but when it comes down to my writing, it always seems to be about feelings. Maybe I should have pursued my minor in Psychology instead of my major in Business?

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Where's his "Junk"?

Ok, to each his/her own, but how do these guys in "drag" hide their "junk"? This was one of entertainment factors at the Inferno last weekend. This guy and his girlfriend in blue did things to this pole that I couldn't even dream of doing - and all in those high heels!! It kind of made me want to take a pole dancing class - talk about getting yourself in shape!!

And check out Grandpa in the Terry Cloth jumpsuit! Rachel jumped in the shot just so it wasn't obvious when I went to click a pic :) We saw him jamming out later on the dance floor with a cute young thang! All I have to say is, "Go Pops!"

Let it snow, let it snow, let is snow!

It has been a long time since I can say I have had a good snowball fight! I am tired of all the ice and mess we always get. I would love to build a snowman, cozy up with some hot chocolate and my hubby and watch movies, and most importantly have a snow day from work! Of course we already have a long weekend ahead with MLK, and I am taking Friday off, but who wouldn't want an even longer weekend!! Brandon and I were just talking tonight about if we wonder if Chelsi remembers what snow looks like. The most she has ever seen was just a dusting, as in the above pic. Below is one of my all time favorite pics of her as a puppy when she battled the cold nights when she was TINY! What can I say, I love pics of my "baby"!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Rinse, Recycle, Repeat!

This is going to be a short entry, because let's face it, I am TIRED! But, no worries Jenny, I will fill in more juicy details later! But, my title for this blog is because of the world-wind weekend I just had. It was one of those weekends, when everything fell on the same one, and I just couldn't say no. But, all in all, it was a great weekend, because I enjoyed everything I did. Here is a short synopsis with a few pictures to add entertainment......

Scrap booking at church on Friday evening after work and Saturday morning. Didn't get a lot of pages done, but picked up some new cropping ideas and of course enjoy all the chatting with the other ladies. Here is a pic at lunchtime on Saturday (Jenn got caught with a mouth full of food!).

Friday was Sarah's 27th birthday, so of course I had to go out to help celebrate at INFERNO. It was a lot of fun, and I got to do what I do best - "People Watch!" - and let me tell you, there was a lot to see :) I had never been, so it was nice to do something different, while helping a good friend celebrate! The birthday girl is on the right, trying out the "stripper pole" along with our friend, Rachel. (More stories on the pole in a later post!) We danced and had a lot of fun!!

After finally making it to bed at 3am, I slept for a few hours before showering and heading off again (hence....rinse, recycle, repeat!). After scrap booking for a few more hours Saturday morning, I headed to a baby shower for one of my college roommates, Kristi. Even though it isn't a great pic of her, it really shows how big her belly has gotten!! She is so cute pregnant, but I know she is tired and miserable, so glad her due date is only 3 weeks away. I can't wait to meet "Baby Keener"!

After the baby shower, I headed home for another wardrobe change and to grab Brandon, and then it was off to Grandover to pick up our niece and nephew. Brandon's brother, Derek had a Snap-On tool conference and dinner, so we let Jana and he enjoy the evening, and we took care of the kids. After a quick dinner at Elizabeth's Pizza (in which we were only successful in getting them each to eat half a slice of pizza - why is it that kids hate to eat!) we went to the Monster Truck race at Greensboro Coliseum. Brandon went as a kid and thought they would enjoy it - it was however, my first experience! They took a little while to warm up to it, but they ended up having a great time, especially when the Dirt Bikes came out - they seemed to like those better than the Monster Trucks. Here are a few cute pics!

After the race, we battled the crowds, did a quick run-through at McDonalds (the half a slice of pizza didn't last long!) and took them back to the hotel. We hung out for a little while and talked with Derek & Jana while the kids wound down, and then headed home. We pulled in the driveway at midnight, to find the new neighbors next door were having a party. After being in our house for 4 years, this was the first time we had to put the TV on in our bedroom so that we could go to sleep over the noise next door. I hope this doesn't become a regular occurrence!
Today was church, and then home to crash for a few hours while Brandon went shooting at the gun range. I got caught up on laundry, did some more cropping of pictures to get ready for the next scrap booking weekend, and ate some lunch. Then we headed over to dinner at our old next door neighbors'. Their new house is really nice! And due to the party the night before, we told them we already missed having them live next door!!! We teased Jill & Austin and told them we were going to refer to them as our "rich" friends now :) But, really with two young boys, a dog and out of town family that likes to visit, they really needed the extra space. If they grow out this one soon, they have too much stuff!! I couldn't believe all of the closet and storage space - so jealous!!! Brandon told Austin we would come over and help them "break-in" the new house anytime.
Now, I am off to bed, where I can hopefully get a good night's sleep before another "Manic Monday" at work! I so hate Mondays!!!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

If these walls could talk.....

....they would have some interesting stories to tell! Don't ask me why (probably because of all the crime shows I watch on TV), but I sometimes stop what I am doing and wonder if someone is watching. You know, like is my house bugged or is there a hidden camera, because I have my silly moments that I wouldn't want caught on tape. For example, the other day there was nothing on TV and Brandon was still at work, and so I put my headphones on and started listening to my IPod. Brandon came home and found me dancing in the kitchen with our dog - which was a pretty funny sight! I mean, of course I have danced in public before, but you always seem to restrain yourself. When I am alone, I love to dance and sing my cares away. Usually it is just silly and goofy - twrilling and spinning, but I still get nervous that someone may see - that time is for me and I don't have to worry about impressing anyone. That is what I love most about having a house and a space to call my own - you can invite friends and family into your home, but you can also shut everyone out and enjoy "you" time. Brandon and I enjoy those weekends every once and a while, when we don't go anywhere, don't answer the phone, and just relax. But, I also enjoy hosting. Last night I hosted my Circle 8 girls from church at my house. I love these ladies! I don't think I have ever laughed so hard about "Poo" before!!! And even though we are all still getting to know one another, I already know that they are there for me, and that means a lot. So, thanks girls!! When I have people over, it motivates me to really clean, straighten, and do things I normally don't bother doing - like lighting candles, and trying out new recipes. I seem to get more excited now about getting new serving pieces or cooking utensils than a new purse or pair of shoes. I guess just another sign that I am growing up! And even though I like to feel all grown up, there are times, I just need my mom. After everyone left last night, I called my mom. I called just to talk and see how things were going, but then some feelings I have been bottling up just came out and it was nice to know I always have my mom there to listen and comfort me. I just hope that one day I can be as good of a mom as she is! So, instead of coming home to seeing me dancing to my IPod, Brandon came home to see me crying on the phone - the poor guy is so confused!! But, even when I am really not that upset, I good cry feels good. And for those who know me well, they know I cry at anything - it seems to be how I express just about every emotion. And something about talking to Mom just brings it out too. So, if these walls could talk, I wonder what they would say? They would probably just say that I am a normal girl who is learning to take life one day at a time.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

I Love the.....

.....Rub-A-Way stainless steel bar I got for Christmas from a friend!! If you don't already have one of these, you need to get one. I was making beef stew this morning to put in the crock pot and of course after chopping up the onions, my hands smelled awful, so I just rubbed them on the bar and no more onion smell!! No idea how it works, but just happy it does.

By the way, if you are looking for a good time to grocery shop, I suggest 7:30am on a Saturday morning. There was no one there! I am usually not this crazy, but I needed to get the beef stew cooking so that I could actually serve it at a decent hour tonight!

Rachel and Ken are coming over tonight for dinner. Instead of going out and spending all kinds of useless money, I thought it would be nice to have a dinner night in. Figured we can really be old farts, and play a game or something after dinner ;) I am such a home body now!! Just hope Chelsi will not drive us nuts with her barking and wanting to french kiss everyone all night!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

2007 in Review

We Tivo'd "The Tonight Show" just to see how Leno would do without his writers. I think he did pretty well. In his opening monologue he showed this JibJab cartoon. Brandon and I thought it was hilarious! Enjoy!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


How can you get called out for not responding to an email when you weren't copied on any of the original correspondence in the first place? I just received an email tonight about a planning meeting for an upcoming event at church. The correspondence between group members dated back to before Christmas, but I was just included in this last email. The scary thing is that someone noticed enough to see that "The Inscores" hadn't responded, but didn't notice enough to see we weren't on the email in the first place? I really do love older people, but sometimes I think the email/computer world is just too complicated for them. My dad for example, is addicted to email, but had you asked him about email just about 3 years ago, he would have looked at you like you were from outer space. My mom got so tired of him dictating emails for her to type, that she taught him how to use AOL on his own. Now, he is addicted. He will send an email and go back 5 minutes later to see if he has a response. I keep telling him that everyone else isn't running to their computer constantly to check email like he is. Technology is great, but getting people in past generations to keep up is an impossible feat. I can't tell you how many times a week I have to help coworkers sort an excel spreadsheet! Come one now, it really isn't that hard - but guess that is easier to say when you understand it. It is always hard to act dumb about a certain topic and put yourself in someone else' shoes when you have no problem with the task. I guess our grandkids will be saying the same about us when we can't figure how to work the flying cars!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

Wow, 2008! Another year - another beginning. I was just trying to think of what my new year resolutions would be, and which ones I will break first ;) Each year I always come up with some of the same - to loose weight, spend more time with family & friends, exercise more, stress less.....but then I always make a few private ones - things I vow to do or achieve - I feel if they stay private, they are more likely to come true - kind of like a birthday wish when you blow out the candles - if you share it, it won't come true philosophy. I am not sure how exciting 2008 will be, but I am looking forward to another good year. I guess that is one of my favorite parts about New Years' Day - to look forward to the things to come in that year. So far I know we will have a few exciting events - my grandmother's 90 birthday in June, 5 years in our house, our friends' Chad & Anna's wedding in October and our 4 year anniversary. And I am sure a few surprises will pop up throughout the year as well.

We are having a lazy weekend/holiday, but enjoying it all the same. Brandon worked yesterday, but I took the day off. I checked in with work via the laptop in the morning, had lunch with my friend Sarah, and then just relaxed. I had things I hoped to accomplish on my day off, but didn't get a one of them done - oh well. We headed to our friends' Kyle & Kristen's house last night to celebrate New Year's. We just hung around and talked, and ate all kinds of yummy dips and munchies. We headed home about 11:15, because I didn't want to be on the road with drunk drivers, and walked in the door about 11:57, just in time to turn on the TV and see the ball drop, have our New Year's kiss, and then went to bed. I know, we are so exciting, aren't we!?!? Brandon actually wasn't feeling that well, so the casual evening was good. And this morning we slept in, watched the parade and now it is football time. We are both still in our PJ's and enjoying the lazy day at home. Maybe we will even wake up to some snow in the morning :)

Happy New Year!!