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Lilypie First Birthday tickers

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Glass half full

Today's sermon spoke to me. I always try to get something out of everyone I hear, but every once and a while, I feel they really speak to me, and give me just what I need to hear. God does not put us in situations to punish us. He doesn't take us down a path in life that we did not expect in order to hurt us. There is a reason for everything. This is what gets me through each day. Good and bad in life....we all need a reality check once a while. Reminds me of one of my favorite songs by Rascal Flatts, "Bless the Broken Road". We all have our days when we are down, and sometimes for no apparent reason. I know I have so many things to be thankful for, and need to remember that my life is my own, and no one else's. Even though I feel things should be happening for me a certain way, doesn't mean that is what my life's journey is meant to be. And honestly, that is what makes life so interesting! If everything happened exactly how we wanted and when we wanted, what would be the fun in that. You would miss out on opportunities and doors that are opened that you were ignoring because you were so caught up on how things should be. As some know, I have been struggling with God's plan for us to start a family. I know I am not alone in this struggle, and while you can't help for a split second to be jealous when others seem to have what you want, there IS A REASON.....God has spoken! I don't want anyone worrying about me, or taking pitty on me. I am ok with it. And I have nothing but joy in my heart for my friends around me that are welcoming God's precious gifts into the world. My day will come. Tomorrow, I am meeting with a new doctor. One who I hope will listen to what I am feeling, and how I struggle with interfering with God's plan. So, don't worry, just PRAY that God will make his plan clear and help me with the next step. I have so many other great things in my life to focus on, and stick with my theory of not letting this consume me. It isn't fair to me, my husband, or my friends. But I do appreciate those who let me vent and talk it out, because it does help from time to time. I just feel for my mom, who keeps getting asked about grandkids, for people who are just trying to start conversation and ask if you have kids, and for those who you know care what is going on with you. Some days I feel like talking about it, others I don't. I just want to focus my time and energy on enjoying the gifts that God has given me today, and let the rest fall into place when the timing is right.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Wow - 2010! As we prepare to enter a new decade, thought I would reflect on the past one.

The year 2000 started off with a teary goodbye for me. I spend New Year's that year in Wilkesboro hanging out with my new boyfriend and his high school friends. On New Year's Day I remember sitting at a Subway in Wilkesboro with said boyfriend crying my eyes out. I was having to say goodbye for a WHOLE Month! Wow, remembering back to new love and how we just couldn't be apart just makes me laugh now. If you haven't guessed, said boyfriend ended up being my husband :) I was getting ready to leave on a study abroad trip to Ireland for the month of January. It was an amazing trip with gorgeous and breathtaking views. Unfortunately, I wish I could say I enjoyed it more than I did, because I was love sick the whole time :( And nothing could top by study abroad trip to London the year before in my eyes. But, I am still very thankful for the experience. May 2000 I rang in a milestone birthday of 21! It was a great birthday surrounded by wonderful friends!! That June I started an internship at Willis Re Inc. Never thought I would work in the field of insurance, but almost 10 years later, still there!

2001 - Ashlyn (our niece) was born in March, and May brought graduation from college and entering the real world. Even though I had lived in off-campus apartments at college, I remembering the excitement of moving in and decorating my first apartment that I could call all my own! Lincoln Green in Greensboro would be my home for 2 years.

2002 - I got my first ever pet cat, Clover. He was my best buddy!! However, the poor cat was also by-polar (no other explanation for his sometimes crazy behavior). He would be purring and loving on you one minute, and attacking you the next.

2003 - Weston (our nephew) was born in June! And Brandon and I did everything backwards. We bought our first house even before being engaged ;) Just couldn't pass up the interest rates and wonderful neighborhood of Reedy Fork that we had found. We started the process of building in February and moved in August 2003. Well, guess I should correct that - I moved in, he kept an apartment for one more year until we were married. I was able to live with my best friend, Rachel for the first time that year. We had a great time!! Our 2nd cat, Callie was also welcomed into our lives that fall. She and Clover were best buddies! Then, on Oct 2, 2003, Brandon made me a very happy woman when he proposed in Asheville, NC at Richmond Hill Inn. I am sad to say now that Richmond Hill burned this past year, so our memories of that day will have to remain in our hearts and in photos.

2004 - Wedding planing and on Oct 4, 2004 I became Mrs. Brandon W. Inscore!! I couldn't have asked for a more wonderful day!! Surrounded by family and friends. I cried my eyes out at my rehearsal because it hit me as I practiced walking down the aisle that everyone was here for Brandon and me, and all of this planning and preparation was for us! And I still break out the wedding video and watch it often ;) We enjoyed a fabulous week in Cancun for our honeymoon, and can't wait to go back one day.

2005 - May 2005 was a tough month. That is when I had to make the very hard decision to put our cat, Clover to sleep. He had been sick since December and they never figured out what was wrong with him. When he started having seizures I knew it was time, but was still one of the hardest things I have ever done, especially because he was only 3 years old. In August, Brandon and I both took on new career paths. He decided not to go back to teaching. He had put in his required 4 years for Teaching Fellows, and decided to go into the world of GIS. I stayed with Willis, but made the move to the Finance department.

2006 - We welcomed our new puppy, Chelsi into the family!! She has been spoiled rotten ever since! Her and Callie, the cat still don't really get along ;( And in May of this year, Brandon completed his graduate degree from UNC-G in Applied Geography.

2007 - In May, we said goodbye to Brandon's Mazda 626 and purchased a 2007 Chevrolet Silverado truck. We were so excited about our purchase, that we called my parents. We made sure they were both on the phone before we told them the news, and my dad still teases me because he thought we were calling to announce we were pregnant! Sorry daddy ;( Also, in May, we officially became members of the church we had been attending since the fall, Guilford Park Presbyterian. That fall we enjoyed our first season as Elon football season ticket holders and a great tradition continues. In November of that year, I had my first run in with a deer. Luckily the damage to my Honda CR-V wasn't too bad, and we tease that I officially became an Inscore since I killed my first deer! I was not amused. In December, we hosted our first Christmas at our house for my parents and brother.

2008 - I enjoyed my first year as a part of Circle 8, and have treasured the bonds formed with these wonderful women from GPPC. In May, I was promoted to supervisor of cash in the Finance department, and while I kept all my same duties, I have enjoyed the new challenges this role has brought me. We celebrated my grandmother's 90th birthday in Connecticut with family in June, and later that month said goodbye to my CR-V and purchased our 2008 GMC Acadia. It was a busy summer, because over 4th of July, my brother spoiled me with a free trip to Hawaii. He was there on business, and flew me over to join him on his frequent flyer miles. We had a wonderful time!!

2009 - I said goodbye to two roles in my life, and said hello to a new one. After two short years, but an eye-opening experience, I ended my at-home business with Passion Parties. Then in June, I ended my 6 year role as the President of the AOII Piedmont Alumnae chapter - I am enjoying just being a member now ;) And this fall I took on the 2 year commitment of chair of my church circle - love Circle 8! Brandon and I both celebrated our milestone 30th birthdays this year, and our 5th wedding anniversary. We have wonderful memories from all three events. A surprise party at Natty's Greene's loft for Ginny's birthday, a surprise Nascar ride-along for Brandon's birthday, and then an amazing trip to Barbados for our anniversary. It has been a wonderful year!

I welcome 2010, and look forward to what the next decade brings to my life!