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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Fire at Richmond Hill Inn

I was saddened today to hear about a fire at Richmond Hill Inn that destroyed the 120 yr old mansion in Asheville, NC. The Inn held a special place in our hearts, as that is where Brandon asked me to be his wife on October 4, 2003.

Here are some before and after pics I snagged from the local paper (linked to this blog entry).

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

March weekends - part two!

This past Saturday, Brandon and I enjoyed a night away from home. Even if it was only 20 mins away :) Our friends Jess and Richard got married, and we decided to make sure we could enjoy ourselves and not worry about driving home late or getting home to the dog. So, we boarded Chelsi at her favorite spot at Lucky's and spent the night at the Double Tree (which is where the reception was held). It was a blast! The wedding was at 3pm at their church near our house, and then we headed to High Point Road and the Double Tree for the reception. We ate, socialized and danced :) Richard is a firefighter, so of course many of his fireman friends were in attendance and livin'd things up a little too :) But us AOII girls know how to have fun as well!!

After the reception, a bunch of us headed to J.Butler's which is a bar/restaurant attached to the Double Tree (used to be the Hooter's). We enjoyed a few more beers and hung out some more with friends (new and old) while catching the end of the Duke game.

Sunday morning, we had breakfast with our friends Michele and Tony who also decided to enjoy a night away from home, and then Brandon and I caught an afternoon movie before heading to pick-up Chelsi from Lucky's at 3pm. It was very relaxing and a lot of fun! I love date weekends with my hubby and hanging out with friends!!!

The only down side was High Point Road at 3am! I woke up to all kinds of ruckass outside when the clubs let out.....bass booming in cars, car horns, and just noise in general. Luckily with the cops helping move everyone along, it calmed back down by 3:30am and we slept great! But when we went to check out the next morning, CSI was dusting for fingerprints on a couple of cars right out front that had been broken into the night before - DRAMA!

March weekends

Do I have to remind everyone how addicted I am to both TV and Facebook now that I don't even make time for my blog! Anyway, I did want to post about the past couple of weekends, because they were lots of fun, and I have pictures to share too - which we all know a blog posting isn't really that interesting unless it involves pictures :)

It up was our trip to Wilkesboro on the 13th. I took a day off work to join Brandon in his normal 3-day weekend (so jealous!). We met the in-laws for an early dinner at one of Brandon's favorite places growing up (10 years of being together and this was my first visit!) at Hadley's - good home cooking! Then we headed to spend some time at my brother-n-law's house and play with the niece and nephew for a while - we hadn't seen them since before Christmas, so it had been too long for Aunt Ginny!!!

It was so neat to see how much they continue to grow-up and for me, the best part was the excitement they had when we arrived - I dread the day that I am no longer the Cool Aunt Ginny in a teenager's eyes. After showing me everything new they had in their rooms and running around some, they settled in to play their Wii while we hung out and talked to Derek. They were so cute playing together and reminded me of my brother and me when we were younger.

We slept in late on Saturday morning, and then had our usual treat of homemade waffles courtesy of my mother-n-law - yummy!!! And then went and spent some more time with the kids before heading back home. Since it was rainy, we just took them to Walmart to give mom and dad a break, and then met the grandparents for pizza. They are such good kids! We let them each pick out a new toy at Walmart and it was so cute to see them try and figure out what they wanted the most. Here is a pic of them playing in the arcade area at the front of Walmart (too cute!!!)

In the car, Ashlyn especially had fun playing with my new blackberry and the video function and made all kinds of fun videos for me to watch when I am having a bad day at work. Most involved them singing to songs on Weston's mini-IPod (only holds like 4 songs), and they made my heart melt!! They are so funny :) I would upload one here, but it is such a pain to upload videos, so you will have to check out Facebook for the sing-along to "Apple Bottom Jeans".

All in all, we had a fabulous time! It is so hard to believe that Ashlyn just turned 8 already and Weston is almost 6! Just seems like yesterday that they were born :( Of course no trip is complete without the missing teeth pictures.......Weston lost his first baby tooth and had his first visit from the tooth fairy, and Ashlyn only has one more to go!

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Ok, so I skipped the whole month 0f February, but I finally had something worth blogging about.....Brandon and I finally watched the movie "Fireproof" on Friday night. I had been hearing so much about it, and had people keep telling me that every married couple needed to watch it together. I was like, yeah yeah, I will get to it. Well, now, I am going to be one of those who says the same thing.....EVERY married couple should see this movie!