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Friday, July 1, 2011

5 months old!

Our sweet baby girl is officially 5 months old! And so many new things this past month!!

1) Molly rolled over for the first time on 05/30/11 during tummy time with Mommy & Daddy in the evening. She rolled tummy to back. She had been sleeping on her side in the crib for a few weeks, but we were very excited to witness this milestone. However, she did it once and seems to be satisfied, because she hasn't really done it since. But oh well, at least we know she can! :) Per daycare, her first time rolling back to tummy was on Friday, 06/03/11, but we haven't seen that at home yet. One day, one day.....

2) Molly also started on solid foods this past month. Her first round was with rice cereal on 05/28/11, and boy did she make some funny faces!!! Since then we have gotten in our initial rounds (3 days each by themselves) of peaches, peas, green beans, apples, pears, carrots, squash and sweet potatoes. We decided to wait a little while on bananas and prunes for the conflicting things we have heard they do to baby's poor bowels :) Let's just hope she doesn't have her mommy's tummy troubles!! She never really took to the rice cereal, but we are going to try it again this weekend mixing it with some fruit to give it a little more flavor. Our goal for leading up to 6 months of age is to get her eating twice a day as opposed to just the once in the evening, and eating more. But she is off to a good start, and even though it took some getting used to, she is taking better to the spoon and the routine each day.

3) Another big first this past month was Molly's first overnight away from Mommy and Daddy. She had a sleepover at Grammy and G-Pop's house on Sat, 06/04/11. Mommy & Daddy enjoyed a date night, and Grammy & G-Pop LOVED their time with Miss Molly :)

4) While visiting Grammy and G-Pop, Molly took her first stroll in her big stroller without the carseat. Just her strapped into the seat :) She is getting to be such a big girl!!

5) Molly has been enjoying the entertainments of exersaucers at daycare this past month, and had her first go with the jumperoo at home too! She hasn't gotten in it much though because her feet don't touch yet, but she enjoys having "conversations" with her friends at daycare from the exersaucers :)

6) And one more milestone worth noting.....the feet have officially been discovered! And they have made it to the mouth as well :) She loves watching her toes wiggle and even more cramming those wiggling toes into her mouth :)

Words can't even describe how special Molly is to us, and how much excitement comes from each new thing she does! I am just simply amazed!!! And I love her to pieces!!!!

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